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  1. Well, I'm running 75hz now and it doesn't seem to jitter or anything. Thanks for the tips
  2. I'm currently using a small boxed 17" BenQ FP73G and it has a max of 75hz refresh rate. Is there a possible way for me to override it and turn it up to something around 80-90hz? And would overriding be safe or is it going to kill my monitor? thanks.
  3. I don't get why a World Champion Overclocker would be using a program to overclock instead of actually doing it the traditional way via BIOS and running laps of SuperPi. This program is no different to Clockgen and nTune, if you put aside the testing and stability functionality it has built in.
  4. Macbooks are beautiful! I say get a Macbook if you're looking for a laptop cause they look great and they manage very well.
  5. LOL Awesome, I might give that a shot - although I don't think I will be using that same vent/container as you. hahahaha
  6. What version of Windows XP are you using? It could be a partition problem.
  7. Let me ask this, Who here actually has purchased a 2900XT card and is currently using it in their daily rig? I don't think ATI/AMD is putting up a hard fight against nVidia in terms of the market share, the majority of people tend to lean towards the 8xxx series of cards rather than 2xxx from what I've been reading. Over time and lower prices might enable AMD/ATI to catch up but seems to me that it's just not satisfying in terms of delivering to the consumer. E.g. the drivers, like what the fudge? Even I am considering getting a 8800GTS soon.
  8. I just got this error with explorer... Anyone have an idea what it is?
  9. Well, it's either an E6600 or a 8800GTX. But the graphics card could be bottlenecked if I get the E4400 or E6300. I don't have the extra cash lying around to have both. But I'll think about it for a bit longer then. I'll also have a look at how much the Exx20 CPUs are. Thanks e
  10. Hi, Have you tried doing a repair job using the XP CD?
  11. +1, Filezilla is very good
  12. I'm going to get a new Intel rig in about a month or so and it's going to be a budget one that can also satisfy my gaming needs. Since there is a moderate price gap between the E6300 and the E4400, is there a performance difference between the two? If I'm correct, I wouldn't even notice the difference unless I'm doing synthetic benchmarks right? Besides the lower FSB and cache, the E4400 shouldn't be anything much less compared to the E6300 right? I am not going to overclock it heavily either so it should work, but if there are some other points anyone would like to point out, do tell!
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