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  1. Depending on your cooling solution, I wouldn't go above 1.425 on the stock cooler and 1.450 on something like a Hyper 212. I would save the 1.55 for a fluid cooled CPU. That would be my recommendation for pretty much all the FX processors. Try to keep the temp at 70C or below. That will be safe. Turn off all the power saving features while overclocking, but you can leave HPC enabled. These settings can be turned back on when you find your stable speed. Leave the FSB alone and enable XMP. Keep the "HT Link" and "Uncore Frequency" on Auto. They may be called something else in your bios. Don't overclock from software.......use the bios. Decent motherboards are a must. LLC is definitely in the "nice to have" category, but not absolutely necessary. You can see your "vdroop" and adjust accordingly. VRM cooling heatsink is nice..........but not a "must have". Don't take more than you need and you'll be fine. I build systems and overclock every one of them for maximum performance, mostly the Phenom II and FX processors. My favorites for overclocking are the FX6300 and the Phenom II 965 BE. I've achieved the highest stable overclocks above base frequency with these two.
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