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  1. What is the essence of your question?
  2. I have a good stereo system as I work with sound. That's why I use it a lot. For example, right now I'm trying stock sound effects free download to use as soundtracks for videos.
  3. I am also a beginner developer, but I have a stable constant income. Although I work as a freelancer, I pay taxes regularly so that I don't have any problems. If you work for a company like this http://sirinsoftware.com they will take care of the accounting themselves and provide stable software development.
  4. You can also try reflashing your router, it might help.
  5. I am using mainly Hola VPN, which is activated via browser permission. This is the best solution for bypassing blocking on some sites. But now I need a VPN for Nvidia Shield. Who has experience in using this TV box? I have read the thematic material, but I want to know the opinions of other users.
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