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  1. Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition. Installed and working great! Marking this thread solved, repping and closing (if possible and allowed). Thank you all for reading and esp. ir_cow and sticknstone for your help.
  2. ir_cow & sticknstone: Thanks for the recommendations but I don't want to mess with fill ports at this stage (esp. modded ones). Maybe on my next build, when I have more experience . I will update here when I finalize which new cooler to get and have installed it (most likely Sunday).
  3. If I'm forced to buy a new cooling unit, that's fine. I just want to make sure the cooler (and nothing else) is the issue. But you're right: throwing away a whole AIO unit every few years seems incredibly wasteful. So noted. No overclocking done. Or at least not intentionally: this is the first time I've heard about the XMP thing (will check on that). And you're right, it really is a good processor That's an excellent point, ir_cow. At least that's some relief: a faulty cooling unit is one thing, a faulty CPU with an obsolete socket is quite another. This sounds a lot like my problem and probably seals the deal: I have to get a new cooler. Which is okay, I just wanted to be sure. Maybe I'll go for an air cooler this time, since as mentioned above, throwing away a whole AIO unit every few years seems really wasteful. Okay, so I'll leave this post open for a few days in case anybody else has any ideas. In the meantime I think I will make another post asking which cooler would be best for my space-limited setup. If you two have any opinions on that, they would be very welcome. Once again, ir_cow & sticknstone, thanks for the input.
  4. I have a 6-year-old, self-built, AIO water cooled PC (specs below) that for various reasons has only been in regular use for the past 3 years. For those last 3 years, there has been no change in configuration and things have been running smoothly (successful stress test done a year ago). Two days ago, I received a "CPU Fan Error" and “CPU Over Temperature Error” on bootup and on subsequent examination, the CPU was found to be running consistently at 99-100 C at idle (rapid linear increase). SPECS: Cooling (liquid): Corsair H100i v1 CPU: Intel i7-4770K MoBo: Asus Maximus VI Formula PSU: Corsair HX1000 Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540 From my reading, the possible reasons for this "CPU fan error and overheat" could be: a) Cable connection issues (to the PSU and/or motherboard) b) Thermal paste has dried up c) Poor seating of CPU cooler and/or dust clogged exhaust fans d) Failure of the AIO water cooler What I did: A) Cable Connection Issues: Since the configuration has not changed and the computer has been running smoothly till now, I assume that this cannot be the issue. In any case, all connections were found to be secure (including the three pin "CPU_fan") and I even changed the SATA connection to the PSU with no improvement. B) Thermal Paste Drying: Old thermal paste was removed and replaced with fresh paste C) Poor Seating or Clogged Fans: Seating was confirmed to be solid; exhaust fans (horizontal, located at the top of the case) are visibly working and dust free. Mild vibration in pipes is felt. D) Failure of AIO Water-cooling: When the status of the H100i was checked using Corsair's Link application, it showed coolant temperature at 70-80 C (on average), pump fan speed at around 2500 rpm and exhaust fan speed at around 2700 rpm. After all this, I still am receiving the same errors. So, my question is how should I proceed? Everything seems to be working! Despite this, the CPU is not being cooled. A) Cables seem secure. B) Thermal paste has been replaced. C) Despite the CPU fan error thrown up, the Link software shows both the pump fan and exhaust fans are running. In addition, the high temperature of the coolant would seem to indicate that it is taking up the heat from the CPU. Is it sufficient to say the water cooler is working because the fans are working? Could the fans be working and the water cooler still not doing its job? Any way to check that? D) Additional Question: The CPU is currently running at 100 C at idle/minimum load, as soon as Windows loads. Is that solely because of the lack of heat removal or could the CPU itself be at fault? Shouldn't a CPU at idle run at a much lower temperature even in the absence of cooling? Finally, where can I find the fan settings in BIOS? I cannot seem to locate them. I do not want to buy a new CPU cooler only to find out the problem is something else since the refund/return policy where I am is non-existent. Any help is appreciated. If any other information is required, I will try my best to provide it. Thanks for reading.
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