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    hp Pavilion 7840
    Intel Celeron 764 MHz CPU
    256 MB (2x128) PC100 RAM
    30 GB 4200 RPM HDD
    Windows XP Professional w/ SP2
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    Hockey, heavy metal, computers. :)
  1. That little of an increase will make a difference? I don't need to oc my video card? Okay I did it...I will test it out later. Yeah, I know I need a new video card..I still want to get a new heatsink for my CPU, a DVD burner, and a TV tuner card. I'll probably get a 9600 All-in-Wonder card, but by the time I can afford it, I'll be able to get a better card for the money. I have no source of income, but my birthday is this month.
  2. I want to overclock my system a little bit to get some more FPS in games. Here are my system specs: Sempron 2400+ | 1667 MHz | 166 * 10 | 1.6v 1024 MB PC2700 Kingston Value RAM ECS K7VTA3 v6 | VIA chipset GeForce4 MX420 64 MB | 250/333 My CPU temperature is about 31*C at idle. This is with the stock heatsink. I use three 80mm case fans. Two rear intake, and one side exhaust (I've tried other combinations and this seems to be the best). I won't be able to get a different heat sink for a while, so please do not suggest that. Remember, I only want to overclock a little bit, to get some extra FPS in games. I know it won't make much of a difference, but if I can get more performance for free... So, any suggestions for some safe overclocking?
  3. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I better watch out! I know they say "strictest interpretations" but seriously, what is the point of that law??? Hey, wait a minute, what about www.loadpod.com ??
  4. No, I mean where did it originate? Like who was the first person to say it, ever?
  5. I..umm....okay well this is a very humbling experience... I used to think that hp was the best. (BUT WHEN I WAS LIKE 10!)
  6. I care. I want to know. If I don't find out, I won't be able to sleep tonight!!
  7. Anybody, other than me, notice something odd about the top of that case?
  8. In that case, go with the 2x1024!! You can then either sell it for way better RAM (but only one GB, or have two gigs. That's like $500 U.S. worth of RAM, anyway. What are the specs on the DVD RW?
  9. Haha...I have the worst graphics card on the entire message board. FOUR MEGABYTES OF INTEGRATED GRAPHICS!!! I get like 7 FPS on The Sims, 800x600, lowest detail settings.
  10. Try hibernating instead of shutting down?
  11. It depends on the price difference between 2x512 and 2x1024.
  12. If it wasn't April Fool's day, I'd believe you. If it is true, however: OMG!!!!11oneonetwo!!!!!!!!!! LieK HoLy CRaPZoRZ!!!!!!!!!!!11
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