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  1. Mobo
    Asus Tuf gaming 570x-pro (wifi)
    CPU Zen 3 5600x cooled with an galahad 360 aio
    GPU RX 6800 Asus Tuf
    Ram GSkill TridentZ neo 3600 F4-3600c16d-16gtznc 32gbs
    Storage 2X NVMe WD 850 1TB each
    Case Phanteks P500A
    PSU Seasonice Prime PX0-850 80+platinum.

    Little about me. I've been playing on a gaming laptop for the past 8 to 10 years haswell (i7 and gtx 970) before then I had a desktop with an OC AMD black edition CPU and I think a 500 series GPU. Awhile ago for me.
    So with that out of the way here's the meat and potatoes of the post. I'm overclocking my 5600x and this is what I've got so far. 1.375v @4.75 all core OC @ 72c . My cinebench scores stock with multi 10695 single 1512 after OC multi 12014 and single of 1568. To get 4.80Ghz stable I have to volt all the way to 1.45v and only got 200 more on my multi score (Didn't do a single). My friend said wow that's kinda hot @72c but said that might be fine for AMD since he OC his i9 9900k to 5.0Ghz all core @ 50c, I do know that anything around 90 is bad. I'm looking for opinions, tips/tricks, other people experience and, is it worth it (to you if you where in my shoes).


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