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  1. Every post and guide I've found that details overclocking doesn't really explain what they are doing. The -why- is just as important as the what for me. So when they start diving into clock speeds, TMPs and DMVs and LMNOps (being facetious) I get very lost very quickly. I'm a computer adept, running a custom rig. I know enough to flash my bios, make sure my RAM memory is set to use the right speed, and know my way around a registry with relative ease, but most of these concepts are well over my head. So, where would you recommend I start learning about the ins and outs of overclocking AMD products to come to an understanding of both -what- increases my performance and -why-? Older threads, youtube videos, whatever it might be. I've done my own research for awhile and I've only managed to confused myself more than when I started. Thanks! https://192-168-2-1.link/ http://tplinklogin.info/ https://192-168-1-128.link/
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