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  1. I have a gigabyte ga-z87-hd3 with i5 4460 non-k (100blck 32 ratio) (uncore ratio 34) (volt at default) IGPU overclocked from 1100 to 1550 with 1.24v (yeah I know weak integrated GPU.... But it's a bad time to buy a new GPU so....) And I have 4 Kingston 4GB 1600 MHz ram sticks with no heatsink (not the super overclocking ones with XMP) and I was able to overclock it to 2400 MHz (I tried 2600 but it wasn't stable) with 1.58v(maybe too much volts? Idk) with 11-13-13-25 timing The motherboard itself when set on auto choose something like 11-16-16-36 with enhanced performance settings(which I think is TERRIBLE) Just in case if anyone is interested in aida64 benchmark I got (Latency 50.4ns) (Read 34456mb/s) (Write 36981mb/s) (Copy 32687m tutuapp b/s) Overall I think I did a great job with memory overclock and timing but I would like to know if this ram overclock and timing is "Actually" any good? and if I can get more out of this pc or do so appvalley mething which will improve the performance and stability P.S I am new to pc overclocking and had no experience before, so honestly, I have no idea wtf in ram timing is good or bad ( I guess the lower the numbers are, the better it is? ) And sorry for my non-fluent English.
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