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  1. Today I collected a PC for my friend who is editing for YouTube. We assembled a powerful PC, but we had to leave the old video card for now - Nvidia 960 4 GB. Now the video card market is too overheated. Now for $ 50 you can't buy anything worthy anymore. Therefore, my friend uses an old video card for editing and create thumbnail for youtube. To be honest, it's easier to buy a laptop now than to build a powerful PC.

  2. On 7/31/2021 at 2:10 AM, RHKCommander959 said:

    You'd need a lot more information there... SSD or HDD? Disk format? Windows/linux/mac?

    If it's SSD you're probably SOL especially if TRIM is enabled, if it's HDD then don't use the disk at all or the files can be overwritten. Unplug it ASAP., do some research, get prepped before trying anything.

    You'll need a file recovery software to recover the data. I've had good luck with EaseUS, there are other options.

    Windows 10, HDD 1 Tb.

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