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  1. Today I collected a PC for my friend who is editing for YouTube. We assembled a powerful PC, but we had to leave the old video card for now - Nvidia 960 4 GB. Now the video card market is too overheated. Now for $ 50 you can't buy anything worthy anymore. Therefore, my friend uses an old video card for editing and create thumbnail for youtube. To be honest, it's easier to buy a laptop now than to build a powerful PC.
  2. I have a disk from which large video files have been deleted. How can they be restored?
  3. I plan to implement smart home technology so that I can control all equipment from a smartphone and automate many processes. For example, now we are looking after a dishwasher of such a format that it would suit our larger family. I also pay attention to the fact that the technique has the ability to remotely control.
  4. This SSD is suitable for your tasks. To work with disk partitions, I recommend using Partition Recovery or similar software.
  5. I think you are better off using the M2 SSD. Just don't take cheap media like I did. I had a lot of problems with them and had to restore the damaged partition. Everything worked out as I used Partition Recovery. After that, I switched to SSD from Samsung.
  6. Today I am very glad that I bought this card in 2020.
  7. I just ran into a similar problem. Incorrect OS installation takes place here. In this case, the usual reinstallation of the system helps. If any important files were touched, then they can be restored using Rekuva or Uneraser. But often the files are stored on the D drive, so there shouldn't be any problems.
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