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  1. Hello everyone, I just finished building my house, now I want to buy furniture for my living room. What I am looking to buy is an amplifier, speakers and a disc player that can give the whole family a few moments of entertainment together. But I don't know if there are any promotions or discounts at the sound store, so I can save more money. Hope everyone can let me know. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hello everyone, I want to build a computer system to serve my entertainment needs. I am a lot of game player and often download a lot of games to my computer. So I want to ask everyone to advise which memory type is best to suit my needs. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello everyone, Currently, technology life is developing day by day. Along with that is the birth of many smart devices: phones, laptops, ... To evaluate the strength or weakness of a device, people rely on many evaluation criteria, one of them. Those are benchmarks. The higher the benchmarks score, the stronger the device is. Thus, by benchmarks, can we learn whether a machine is strong or weak, the chip and components used for it are strong or not? Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a Dell 7466 laptop. I have been using it for quite some time. For the past few days, my laptop has been having problems. Its audio hardware is not working properly, sometimes it is heard, sometimes not, sometimes it makes a lot of strange noises, sometimes it loses sound. So what is the problem with my laptop? How do you overcome? Hope everyone can answer for me. Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks for your comment. I will trying to fix this problem
  6. Hello all of you, I just bought my brother a computer system, after connecting the wires, I see the computer screen light up but I don't know how the computer actually works so I want to ask everyone how to know the computer surely the connection was successful to work that way? Thank you everyone.
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