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  1. Well, this was short lived. I just got a new XPS 8490 through my business for editing purposes. I may throw my shop computer into this case because that cases fans etc are giving me fits. Would be cool bling for the shop too. Ha ha. I will be checking back regularly and posting around.
  2. Been looking at Video cards, 12gb is massive overkill for me. a 6gb version would do fine with Resolve optimization. I could rip 4k video fairly easily with that setup.
  3. I have one for 149.99. X99 dual CPU and dual nvme drive slocks. I may pony up for more powerful processors since they are decently cheap. I need to slow down on the processors and board, and spend on the amount of drives and video card. That's where the most gain is.
  4. Thanks. You hit the nail on the head. The best place for me to spend the money in this system is the video card. So I figured the New dual cpu board max as much ram as I can pop on there, and the various drives and it should be ok. Put it this way, a guy with a 2017 based system from puget, was 3 seconds slower than his 40,000 dollar macPro. I think this machine will skip along quite nicely. Oh, how come I can only post one post a day here?
  5. I was a regular on here back in the early 2000's. Since then priorities changed with family etc. I am back building a new video editing rig for my business. I have some parts already, but others I am up in the air on. The list as follows Thermaltake Xaser III steel case. This thing weighs 50lb plus pounds and its a tank. I think I am going to give it a custom paint job and change all the red accents to bright green and paint the inside green too. I am going to install nocturna fans in this for slient or near silent use. I am going with a dual xeon X99 board with dual 2620 V3 cpus. I am not sure on a cooling solution for these as they are close together on my board. I will update when I figure out what I am going with. I am thinking nocturna for slient useage. I am installing 8x32 gb ram in the board for a total of 256gb of ram. This will most likely be Kingston ram as I like the brand and has been very reliable for me. Next up is the video card. it's going to be at least a 12gb video card so I can push it a bit. Any suggestions on something like this in a semi affordable version would be appreciated. I will be running software off 2 NVME kingston A2000 256gb drives in Raid 0. There will be 3 kingston a400 512gb drives for scratch/temp/swap drives one each. I will be using 2 14tb HDD in raid 1 for storage most likely seagate drives. I will be powering this with a 1320w enermax revo PSU to make sure I have enough power when pushing the system. This will be driving 2 monitors, my 24" dell touchscreen and a dell 24" 4K next to it. My videos for now will be shot using 4k from a panasonic FZ2500, Sony RX10 iv, Panasonic FZ300 and my iphone 11. Most footage will be from the two panasonic cameras however. They will live in their video rigs with lighting, mics and stabilization setups. For photo I will be using my RX10 iv, Fujifilm X-S1, X10 and some other cameras. I will put up some photos as I go along. The first thing is to get the case painted and ready to go.
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