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  1. The change of the PSU fan is to move more are with the same DB. Noctua small fans are quiet and very efficient. Therefore, changing out that fan with a noctua will cool the psu better and keep it quiet. They have fans with the same pin configuration for the dell 500w psu.
  2. Dell C/S is about as helpful as a piece of wet toilet paper. They claim there is only one cooler for the machine. Noctua it is. I will be ordering it next week along with 2 fans for the case and PSU.
  3. I will see what I can come up with. I am going to try to get dell to supply me with their heatpipe cooler for no charge since I thought it came with my system with 500w PSU. See what happens, if not Noctua all the way.
  4. It's the i7 10700. The Noctua actually bolts to the dell's chasis like the stock cooler. If you do some googlefu, you can see the K series has a nice heatpipe cooler that would suffice, but with the i7 non k verison I get this little crappy cooler. The noctua is only 15 dollars more expensive than the dell heatpipe cooler and will do a better job.
  5. I am not unhappy with my machine, It's the CPU cooler is LOUD when being worked. that's all. The fan is a tiny fan on a small cooler. Once changed to an acceptable cooler, it will be quiet. It's not a big deal. Anyways, I was asking about coolers not about returning or changing my cases.
  6. I won't be changing cases, nor leaving the side off. I am just trying to lower the noise of the stock fans and lower temps a bit. The noctua fans will suffice no problem for what I am looking to do.
  7. I will pull the side off and see. What sucks is that I found 2 brand new 120mm arctic cooling pwm fans in my shop I forgot I had. They look great. I guess I will sell both of those and buy the new noctua case can and PSU fan. Quiet is good!
  8. I have decided to go with the Noctua. is the case fan in this machine a 92 or 120mm? I am going to replace that one too. I don't think there is a front fan in it.
  9. I was being told that because my CPU in my laptop reaches high temps because of little cooling availability that Kryonaut would work great for a week or two, and then "dry out" and lose it's efficiency, where as MX4 would be more stable. I don't know because the last paste I used was AS-1 in 2003
  10. I have been talking to a couple of people I know, they said that kryonaut is not the best paste to use. MX4 lasts longer at the cost of a degree or two higher temps. It still works great compared to stock. I am going to order a tube of MX4 and repaste both my notebooks, and desktop once I get the new cooler. I think it will make a difference on both notebooks and desktop. I will report back after I get them all done and test out my notebook again with another HD video rip!
  11. Backstory, I was editing a video on my dell 6358 2 in 1. It was about a 3 min long 1080 when I completed it. Most of the time, the fans were louder than they have ever been while I was working on the project. This was one of the main reasons I bought my new desktop. The other, is if I wanted to do any 4k editing it would not even do it. I am wondering, where we are on the road working alot and I want to create a video to put up for our blog, or some other client, would repasting with Kryonaut help out the temps on my system? Maybe take a bit of stress off the machine.
  12. I am going to buy a dell heat pipe cooler for it. I just found out you can buy them for cheap. It's almost as good as the expensive coolers, compared to the pancake that's on it now.
  13. I would rather upgrade the CPU cooler and fan to a low noise unit where I get much better cooling and decreasing noise as well. The case fan is a 92mm as far as I know, not an 80mm.
  14. I have ordered a new XPS 8940 desktop for my business, and I ordered it without the "k" version of the CPU. I have read that I am going to get the little chintzy cpu cooler. A pancake style with a little fan on top. Pretty well this thing goes to 100deg on the drop of a dime. I am looking for a good, inexpensive compact air cooler for my cpu. Any suggestions?
  15. Correct, I am a photographer, videographer, and a marketing specialist for my area. I am just getting set up so not having to shell out a boat load of money at once for a new capable computer is great. I have to purchase a drone, 3d camera and some other software as well. So the money I am saving right now can be put towards them and then after a few months of getting some jobs I can pay off the computer before the no interest period is up. I also have some other media projects I am working on as well. I am creating a documentary series for TV regarding a local first nations people who are now extinct. It's a very tragic and interesting story and I think it will sell to a network TV channel. That will be all shot and edited in 4k.
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