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  1. Hello everybody again, I’m really sorry for my late answer, because i was waiting for some bought components (my new case , new MSI motherboard and different tools for PC Building). I’m really happy to say that i finally solved my problem by re-building all my pc using the old parts (except the prebuilt case and the old ASUS mobo), now my PC works well with my new build, so that i confirm that the problem was only because of the fried mobo. Fortunately, none of my other components was damaged , so I used it in my new case :)) This is my first PC diagnostic & building experience, so i’m really happy to learn something new and I thank you here is pictures of my new build:
  2. Hello Sir, Thank you for your reply, I tried really all possibilities but i still have the same issue. The reason to take it all the way apart is that because my PC was really so and so dirty in all its parts .. by the way i did new steps today : I re-disassembled again all parts. I used this product WD-40 contact cleaner to re-clean all parts wich i cleaned before including: CPU, CPU Fan, Back-fan, GPU and the MOBO , to remove all resedues from the first cleaner i used before. I tested all my PSU contacts with this ATX PSU tester and it gave me the correct voltage values (except the -5 V because i think it's optional, and because there is no white pin installed on it too). I tested my back-fan wich was not working on the MOBO, but it worked with a 9V battery out of the mobo (here I have a new question: If the back-fan did not work on the MOBO, it can because of the mobo it self or because the CPU ?) I tested again with RAM in different slots, with the iGPU and also with the PCI-GPU, but the problem still existing. Finally, I think my problem is between damaged CPU and/or damaged MOBO, or maybe RAM, So what do you think? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, I have an Asus Desktop G11CD-K PC (the K is for Kabylake version) wich i disassembled to clean all its parts (including Graphic card fan, its Processor, CPU fan and replacing its thermal paste, and also its front components). After cleaning, I assembled it correctly, but to be honest i did not think that i used all the right screws, but i chose it by its placeholder form and place. When i turned on my PC, i found that CPU-fan, Graphic-Fan, PSU and HDD worked well, but all other parts did not work, like back-fan, all USB peripherics etc.. I tried all possibilities: disassembling and re-assembling again, changing RAM to different slots, removing some parts step by step to see if something can make a change, make my motherboard out of the case and turn it on to see if there is a problem with case-contact or anything else. but nothing was working for me. I reset my CMOS too, but the issue still existing. finally, i plugged-in my usb mouse and/or my usb keyboard, i see that some diodes of these two components lights for a while (a fraction of seconds) then it turned off again so that i understand there is a contact but i don't know what is the problem again. After these tests, i used my multimeter to see if current values are right, and yes my PSU worked well with the right voltage values in all its pins (motherboard pins, cpu pins and gpu pins). I don't know what happen because i'm really sure that i did not do something wrong or risky, and i did never use my force to disassemble or assemble components. A little things to mention: I remember that i cleaned my CPU with an electronic liquid (see picture below ), but at this point i did not turn-on my PC directly, i just waited for several minutes (approximately 40 minutes), also i read carefully its notices but they mentioned that i can use it on motherboards and all electronic cards. Can this be a cause of this kind of problems? if it is, so could that damage my motherboard ? if yes, how graphic card fan works then? Please help me. thanks Electronic Liquid: (check attached pictures)
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