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  1. Hi All, I just put my first pc together and want to overclock my 10900KF cpu. Right now the MSI 'Game Boost' + XMP is giving me an almost constant 5.3 ghz/per core (some cores shoot up to 5.5 occasionally) @ 1.41 volts when running Cinebench 20. My temps hover around 75-80 degrees during the Cinebench run. I'm using a program called HWINFO64 to monitor voltages, temps, clock speeds per core. I want to manually overclock the cpu, but hopefully get close to the performance I'm getting from the MSI 'Game Boost'. I've heard a lot of people say that voltages above 1.4 are bad for the cpu. They don't really explain why, so I'm wondering if it's because 1.4 volts tends to make the temperatures run too hot. Or is 1.4 volts bad even with <80degree max temperature? In short, if I can run 4 hours or so of prime95 at 5.3ghz @ 1.41 volts without it crashing/glitching and the temps stay below 80 degrees (I've heard that's the max temp before it's unsafe for the cpu), am I good? Or is 1.41 volts bad, regardless of how many hours of stress testing with <80 temps and no crashing? Here's my pc parts if it helps: 10900KF MSI MEG Unify z490 Kraken z73 32gb Corsair Vengeance 3200 ram Thanks in advance for your help : )
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