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  1. For video conversion, we use Windows 7, but for everything else such as tax work, Linux. The Nvidia legacy linux driver works pretty good, not so the open source nouveau if we use dual-monitors. Husband plans to put a cad program on it, like Solid Works on W7. Thanks for the graphics card tips. Lisa
  2. Hi all, @sticknstones, I forgot to mention that I checked through the memory modules - fine. The cmos battery was replaced last year. Thanks for the tips! We're at a stopping point with the A8NE board. The replacement Athlon CPU arrived, but now we don't have a chassis for it. Those cases in the photo, one a Dell with an Asus P2B-D with dual Pent. 11's and a Micron case that has been skeletonized do not allow for the A8NE board as the I/O shield in these are part of the chassis, not pop outable and replaceable, so not exactly ATX standard. And, the 400W PSU that it came with doesn't have an ATX12 4-pin connector for the mobo. My husband was wondering if one could use one of the molex 12v, if there is an adapter that goes from molex to ATX12 4-pin connector? Can do an easy search on that. One can really go down the rabbit hole with making a system with parts from different computer generations. We're trying to use what we have if we can. It didn't take my husband long to find that one can buy cases for cheap on ebay, so he might go that route. @RHKCommander959, that is interesting to read. Remember, I'm not an overclocker, and the only computer game I ever played was Solitaire, but very eye-opening. When reading about the A8NE board on Newegg, one of the reviewers back in the day said they had done what you mentioned about putting non-specified DDR modules in their system. @wildman2, thanks. That was going to be my next query...what's a decent graphics card for the Intel P6T mainboard? Will check out your suggestion in a couple of months when the budget allows. This new setup will be for backing up videos. That's about all we used the old setup for, plus during tax time to use our usb printer. I used to use it for our dial-up connection that we had until two years ago, when we got rid of our land line and now use our smartphones as hot spot devices. No wifi card. Which is good, as I don't want to connect it to the internet. We have laptops for that, an IBM thinkpad R60 and a used Dell XPS M1530. The M1530 is hooked up to our 32" flat panel TV via HDMI cable, goes to my old JVC R-S5 receiver, out to two 2-ft 2 1/2 ft. tall laminated vinyl speakers to give us a theatre-like experience watching backed up videos off of our external hard drives. Well, somewhat theatre-like, as the display is small compared to many, but just the right size for our living room. Next, I'll have to tell you about an EPOX 8KTA3 Pro mainboard I got in a trade, mainly wanted it for the 266 Athlon CPU to fit in another board we got from a computer repair shop. I tried running Linux Mepis on it; didn't like it. Now that seems like ancient history.
  3. Hi cj and stickandstone, Very much obliged for your help. Firstly, cj, earlier today I say your post checked your PSU link. Sure nuf, you're right. I got the power supply box down from the closet and it shows a picture of the EPS/ATX12 8-4 pin connector. I looked and looked for it, but couldn't find it. My husband tapped me on the shoulder to say he found it while I was talking to my sister in law on the phone. I later checked what he had found and it was on the back side panel of the chassis, hidden away, as it wasn't needed when I first installed the A8NE mobo. Brother. I laughed, but also felt stupid. It was separated into two 4-pin connectors. So, that was that, installed it and the remaining connectors and booted up into the new P6T bios and all is well. This poopy 8500GT video card still works which I have been wanting to upgrade it, but as it still works, it will be a while before I do that. @sticknstone, thanks for the advice. With the A8NE mobo, my husband assumes its the CPU, which is why he ordered another one. Hasn't arrived yet. But I think it's the motherboard. We have two older Dell cases that might or might not fit the A8NE mobo. If not, my husband checked ebay and saw several used cases that are inexpensive. That way he can later order a cheap chassis if he wants to continue trying to revive the old socket 939 mobo. I appreciate both of for helping me, especially since it's been years since I've done this and the brain cells seems to have died in the mean time. It's coming back again after going through this. I really do prefer AMD cpus. I found one comment on Intel CPUs and why they needed the 12V 8-pin connector....."Because they're power suckers".
  4. Hi cj Back again. Taking me a while to get this new used motherboard put together as I've had to stop to do other things like walk the dogs and cook. I'm thinking of writing a spoof on installing a motherboard and it would begin with, "First, trim your fingernails". I looked over the forum sections for where to ask about problems with a system, and didn't see any, so I'll just post here. desktop specs: Asus A8N-E mb socket 939 with Athlon 64 FX57 CPU four memory modules of 4GB Nvidia GeForce NX8500GT pci-e slot graphics card Corsair 550W power supply for ATX 2.2 and ATX 2.01 My husband turned on computer, went to do something and came back and it had booted into Linux as he missed the dual boot menu to select windows 7, the os he intended to use. So, he rebooted at the linux login screen and then screen went black and the monitor display said something like "no video output", what you'd see from the monitor if say, if it wasn't connected to the VGA connector on the motherboard. He had to do a hard shutdown to turn it off. Since then we've switched out the graphics card with an older working PCI card and same problem. The lights on the two optical drives blink at power up, then the keyboard and mouse lights blink, NUM Lock light stays on but there is no post, no BIOS output from monitor. Wait a minute or more, I can hear the internal hard drive making sounds like it normally does going through the processes of booting up into Linux. Then during that time the NUM Lock light goes off and that's it. Tried a couple of restarts and sometimes I could get the CAPS LOCK on the keyboard to light up after a couple of minutes passed, but most of the time it would not. I did try ghost entering my password, assuming that after x amount of time passes that it would take to normally boot into Linux, by entering my password via the PS2 keyboard, hoping I would hear the hard drive further make sounds that it was going through processes, but nothing. The small motherboard LED light is on, all of the fans are running, including the PSU fan. At the moment, the unit is disassembled so I can't test it right now. We forgot to check if the CPU fan was working while running. This old board has a chipset fan as well which I replaced years back. I could test the monitor using my laptop just to make sure it isn't that. My current problem is installing the P6T motherboard. My Corsair 550 W has a 24 pin connector only. The motherboard has two connectors, the 24 pin EATXPWR and an 8 pin EATX12X connector. Manual says both must be connected or it won't post. Does this mean I need to get another power supply? If so, my husband will be happy as that way he'll be able to use the case and power supply to try out the Athlon CPU soon to arrive in the mail, while I wait next month to order a PSU. Strict budget here. Thanks for any help! Lisa
  5. Hi ir_cow and sticknstone. Yes, going waaay back. That's because my husband is very frugal and doesn't replace anything until it breaks. I'm the opposite and want the latest and greatest, so we tend to balance each other, most of the time. That is probably why I ended up learning how to put together a computer desktop as it was cheaper than buying new. cjloki, you are of my mindset, so last week I ended up ordering a used motherboard on ebay, an Asus P6T with an Intel Xeon cpu, including filled out RAM. I'm waiting on the heatsink that I ordered separately, as it didn't have one, an OEM Intel LGA 1366. That was a hundred bucks. Will let you all know if it works or not. My husband, being of his mind set and not wanting to waste a possibly still usable motherboard, ordered a replacement Athlon 64 fx57 CPU for about ten dollars. It's a race to see which component arrives first to see which motherboard gets to be put into the enormous and roomy Antec case. I can post my problem at another thread, that way we can discuss it further if needs be as I do appreciate the help and advice. I can give more specs. I didn't know that about the power supply industry changes, and never thought it could be the PSU. That's interesting. Nice to meet you both, ir_cow and sticknstone and thanks for the advice to each of you.
  6. Hi cj, Thanks for the greeting and your helpful advice! I see I made a typo...should be "socket 939". Regards, Lisa
  7. Hi, I found this site while doing some research on cpus and motherboards. What my husband calls our "workstation", is what I put together from used and new parts back in 2007 or so. I've never been an overclocker or gamer, but thoroughly enjoy repairing stuff, whether it's a kitchen appliance or a computer. Our "workstation" died earlier this week, a socket 938 Asus motherboard, so I am here for some needed advice. We mainly use the Linux operating system, have a few chickens, some cats and a couple of dogs, enjoy our vegetable garden and live in the mid-Arkansas area.
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