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  1. Sites were working fine all day today till i closed my laptop and came back about 1 hour later to find a " Your connection is not private error" .. anyone else have the same problem or had and know how to fix this i cleared cache and cookies restarted laptop. It's the only site saying this. I'm using google chrome.
  2. To preface- I have a 6700k OCd to 4.6 ghz at I think 1.3v -might be 1.31 but not home to check. I’ve passed Realbench many a time, never going above 87C (and I don’t get anywhere near that number on other tasks), but I just remembered that a few months back, maybe a year, I set my minimum processor state to 100% in order to try to solve audio popping problems as I found that as a possible solution online. Alas, it was Nvidia HD audio drivers and/or my monitor speakers that messed with my headphones especially when gpu was under load (don’t know if reinstall of said drivers or uninstalling was the fix, but it was one of the two). Anyways, that brin https://1921681001.id/gs me to my next question- should I set that back to the default of 5% (I think)? I tend to run prefer max performance anyways for those frames and loading various crap fast, but for when I leave my computer idle is it bad to keep it at 10 https://19216811.cam/0? Also, would it make a difference at all considering the fact that my vcore is manual? Just looking to learn (and possibly extend my cpus life so that I can upgrade to a 2080, though I assume even with this my cpu can last for years to come), thanks!
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