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  1. hey Bud, yeah I just recently started to look at the site after a long abscence it just got too chaotic for me a few years back luckily now things have settled down and im looking to just share common things with ppl that share common likes.
  2. i have had some weird back up drives fail on me lately. so, i looked in a drawer and found these bad boys i cant believe how many lost pictures and videos i found. im older now yes but old habits are hard to change my office will look like this until a recover every last file that i can . >HEIC is apple image format . it might be because i have a panorama or it could be because its highest quality setting on my phone. IMG_4788.HEIC
  3. hey y'all its Apostolics from 2003 I'm trying to log back in but I have no clue what my log in is . anyway I just wanted to say what's up and I wonder who is still here from 2003
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