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  1. The MechWarrior 5 performance article makes no sense to me. They are testing things like DLSS 2 but with an output resolution of 1080p. The testing methodology makes knowing the real improvement impossible because DLSS 2 was really designed for 4k output and clawing back all the performance lost in running at high resolution. I think we need a retest from someone who has at least a 2080 or 2080ti and a 4k display, otherwise most of the article is invalid and in terms of the games visual quality and performance we are missing a significant piece of the puzzle by having an output resolution below even the average which has been 1440p for at least a year based on the steam hardware survey. Thoughts? *Edit* I can't reply to defend my position because the site is telling me 1 post per day is my maximum even though ive never posted before so the thread might as well be deleted since it's unfair when you can't respond to counterpoint for 24 hours. *Edit 2* I misspoke...wrote when I said most of the article is invalid but I can only post once per 24 hours and I can only only pm once per 24 hours so... this is going to very difficult to explain my position and why I disagree with your conclusions, especially testing at 1080p.
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