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  1. You will be fine as long as you have logged into your MS account from that rig. Microsoft have moved more into the data mining business and away from the straight software revenue model with strict serial key rules that used to cause issues with hardware upgrades. FWIW, while not applicable to you since you have a valid copy, a lot of people do not realize Windows10 is basically "nagware". I have two rigs in my office running clean downloads of Win10 direct from Microsoft, never activated. Been like that for months. They have the watermarks but there is no time limit, all updates and upgrades work as expected, and there is no loss of features like on prior versions. This makes it perfect for those who just need a spare rig for kids or an HTPC. Everything works besides a few quirks like "Personalization" menu is disabled for themes and such (but you can still change a wallpaper by opening the image and right-click>set as wallpaper), and the desktop/settings sync between devices are disabled so profiles and settings won't auto sync between your other W10 machines. Trivial things that do not limit the functionality. There are NO fullscreen popups or time gates bugging you to activate - just the faint watermark on the desktop, and once I got a tooltip notification but it never came back after clearing. Older versions would not function after 30 days without a valid CD Key.
  2. I prefer to have radiators as intakes, since they get the coolest air that way. I would do front and side rads, both intakes, and leave the top as exhaust .
  3. Lmao! That's a Go-Kart now, not a car . Bet its crazy fun! Haven't posted here in a while, but I snatched up a fun little import too. Its a TT 1JZ swapped SC400 that I am doing a single turbo build on. Still have the Z of course, but this is something I can drive to work with AC and a nice sound system . Can't wait to see that little Exocet build!
  4. Congrats and Welcome to the Club!
  5. Do you know what the Ethernet port is? If its an old 10/100 port you will only get ~80Mbps max no matter what the ISP speed is. It wont be the cable, I get within .3 Mbps going from an ancient Cat5, to Cat5e, to Cat6 back to back...all exactly the same speed.
  6. Take a picture of the wire and where it goes and maybe we can help you come up with an idea. If you were closer I would solder a short length of wire for you to get them working again.
  7. I think thats bogus, I don't see the system specs making one bit of difference except for the ethernet port speed or wifi card. Is your Linux rig using wifi or hardwired?
  8. Make sure your router or modem doesn't have "Media Prioritization" or preferred devices set up. I have a Linksys AC1600 router that killed my speeds down from ~225-230mb all the way down to ~100-110mb. Disabled the "Media Prioritization" and it went right back to 225. Got a relatively cheap set of those gigabit Ethernet over AC adapters and now I can have a full speed Ethernet port anywhere in my house, which I use in the living room to not have to stream over WiFi. Not to brag(but yea, I'm bragging ), but I pay $50/mo for 200mb that always gives me at least 220 down . This is just now with Playstation Vue streaming live TV in the living room. No cable or house phone anymore - just use PS Vue middle package of 70+ channels for $35/mo, and HBO Go $15/mo(just for GoT then I cancel it!). Saves a bunch of money a month and I don't miss it one bit!!!
  9. 21 years, and you deal with logistics.
  10. So I made a quick post in here about some of the silly things on that website and someone moved it and turned it into its own thread in a different forum. Nice.
  11. No $1000 CPU here...I buy the $300 CPU but the $1000 cooling. OC the heck out of it, run it 24/7 like that, then don't even play any stressful games or benchmarks .
  12. I have been using Opera for years, since single digit version numbers and have never felt the desire to change . It does everything I need it to.
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    Make him suffer - punishment for losing the account in the first place .
  14. I'd rather see a genuine, well made Fallout TV series but I sure would watch a Borderlands movie. BL games are some of my favorite multiplayer series' ever.
  15. I'm in FL so pretty much mid 90s every day here during the summer, with eleventy-billion percent humidity. Hot, sticky, gross heat.
  16. First they get me for the Pip-Boy edition and now THIS?!? Scumbag Bethesda, always taking my bottlecaps.
  17. Only problem I ever had in a loop was many years ago when I tried to use food coloring LOL. Never had an issue with distilled + a couple drops of PT Nuke, even with dyes like Primochill Intensifier.
  18. Looks good, is that a standard ECC88/6BK7B tube up front? I've got a couple I've tested through my Aune tube DAC, my favorites so far are a mid 1960s GE "Smokie" ECC88 and a 50(?)'s Zenith red label 6BK7N that I got on recommendation by a tube collector as a great budget tube. The Zenith uses the "higher end" black gates and the GE is the older standard grey gates. The GE is a bit more bass, while the Zenith has smoother mids and a more accurate sound...90% of the time I keep the Zenith in it, but switch to the GE for certain shooters and hip-hop. Ignore what people consider "popular" and "rare"...I've tested $40 tubes against $5 ones back to back blindly by covering them in cardboard tubes and often the cheap tube sounds just as good or better then the expensive one depending on the listener...its almost ALL subjective. The GE Smokie is a great example...its like 10 bucks and is a highly regarded tube for audio use. I love the DAC, but I still need a good amp since the volume is a bit tame on my K7xx's...I'd love to do a build like you did . I have a local supplier that I can get vintage, matched, and tested tubes for way less then the crazy online prices. He's been collecting for decades and has hundreds of thousands in inventory.
  19. x124 errors are usually voltage related, either VTT or Vcore. Your chip just may be on the lower side of OCers and needs more voltage then most. What is your vcore, according to CPUz, both at idle and during load?
  20. With a standard 60hz monitor at 1080p, any of the modern midrange GPUs will be more then adequate. Without knowing what you want and what price range its hard to give a specific recommendation.
  21. I'm probably going to end up with 4.30s...and with the no OD Powerglide it won't be very fun on the highway LOL. Not that its a street car, but I want to be able to troll the noobs at the local meets with my lil NA LT1. I'm still going to swaggar jack your matte black w/ gloss black racing stripes though! First looking for a good deal on some 15" Prostars then I'm ordering the DYC kit for paint it.
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