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  1. myea, i know how easy it is to get filthy stinking rich if ur an unfair bastard atleast for u it was good cause u got hacked
  2. boxes/keys/stones are not an event sadly, hate it
  3. ok, good news for everybody still playing i think, i ran around in tower & noticed something cool, everything there is in english so the expected opening of the tower (2 weeks) is pretty accurate imo http://users.pandora.be/dahmer/kall/towermobs.jpg those are bit of the higher lvl mobs the dogs are called higher class dogs (example = higher class doggebi with a gong) the troll like looking mobs are called crack troops (example = demon crack troop) the priest like looking mobs are called hermits (example = hermit of anger) i made it to top level of the tower but didnt find anybody there sadly & didnt see the boss, did see his throne (kind of big throne actually) & @ top lvl there are few rooms with hermit of anger & saw 1 party there ps : yes i altered files to see english on korean
  4. Dahmer

    Kal: Why Aimen Quit?

    no.....i ran into him killing low lvl noobies around ghost rock *sighs* aimen & egghead, sry i attacked u but i died too much from higher lvl sins when i was low lvl to let ppl run around killing like that & if a real life friend asks me to help i'll help
  5. oooooooooh i agree with kamikaze apocalyptica ownz for war movies
  6. np, should've mentioned it here so u can see whatever i do, ppl that only post on kalhq cant
  7. oooh look, its my dead nooby archer in background
  8. 1) i gave away my knight on int/english server to 2 friends & they're playing with it & having fun, better than selling/deleting cause i kno they're nice guys & wont do anything stupid with it 2) i didnt sit around that guy just popped up & i went after him & started fraps, i did have to use a speedup med to get closer 3) who put link to this video on kalhq? there is a reason why i didnt post it on kalhq & did post it here cause there are too many ungreatful ppl on kalhq that imo dont deserve any help now & that includes videos that i make so if that person is reading i would appreciate it if u removed the link
  9. as some of u might know i quit int/english server (gave away knight) & started playing on korean server (with help from good friends there) & i think i'm gonna keep u guys updates to cool things that happen there (reason why i made this topic ) to start off : video i made really fast of a highlvl knight (guessing 2hander) testing his g31+ tiger on devils http://rapidshare.de/files/4175733/god_of_fire.avi.html note : first movie i ever made with fraps so easy with the critics
  10. lol well i'm actually in no guild right now, my char is in pharaohs but i'm not playin with it main char is now on korean & called Smashy who is everybody here anywayz, think there's several here that kno my name ingame but not a clue what u guys play with
  11. Dahmer

    Aimen Hit 50.

    sry to bump old thread but i can assure you all that it is not too much agility i myself have beaten up several archers several lvls higher than me (highest now being lvl60 while i'm 52) and like most of archers i killed said "dang your agi!" or somethin like that so vagabonds with around 50-60agi kick huge archer butt
  12. that switching around no longer works only option is to buy 1 @ site btw : i'm back *waves*
  13. yup, next time i'm just gonna teleport just i wasnt that far away from town & ran like hell
  14. jammin, i got ganged up by 6 demon mad knights (usually no prob) and 3 assassins :s cant really see anything cool about that since i had to run like hell to escape & not have the risk of dropping my new stuff :s
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