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  1. I just stopped playing COD4 2 minutes ago becasuse the graphics become choppy. My currents temps are CPU 34C Motherboard 37C GPU 62C Ambient 51C HD 42C I have turned the A/C down and pointed a house fan into it. I've gotten the GPU down to 50C (after extensive [email protected]) which is very low for this card considering they built it to run on the hot side.
  2. Let me start by saying i think i've exhausted all possible solutions besides buying a whole new mobo, cpu, and ram. I play three games WoW, and more recently Call of Duty 4, and TF2. I'm pretty sure the problem I am currently having has been happening for a while, but its not as noticeable in WoW. When I hop on any FPS its very difficult to play with. My computer will run fine for 10-20 mins after start up, around 70 FPS in TF2 and COD4 at max setting. Then all of the sudden I can watch the graphics get super choppy. It becomes unplayable and I just get frustrated. My computer specs are currently... AMD Dual Core 1.8Ghz 2 GB Kingston Ram DDR2 (i believe its DDR2) GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB (BRAND NEW, literally 3 days old) Abit KN8 SLI motherboard 80gb western digital 7200rpm SATA HD ULTRA 750W X2-Connect Power Supply ( http://www.xoxide.com/ultra-750w-x2-ps.html ) (something similar to this but its a 550W, the fan is making a weird clanking noise) 28" Viewsonic LCD Monitor I have made several attempts to fix this problem. Three days ago I had a GeForce 7600GT 256MB PCI-E graphics card in my computer and was experiencing the same problem. The logical solution to me is that I had a bad graphics card. Many friends told me that Geforce x600 series is a below par card. Some of the steps that I've tried to take to fix my problem after putting the new one in and experiencing the same problems were..... - Installing different versions of graphics drivers - Making sure that my computer wasn't overheating (which it is not, i've been monitoring the temps) - Running tests on the ram to see if it was faulty - Installing all possible Windos XP updates - Making sure the power supply is giving all the parts adequate power - Trying diffrerent resolutions and graphics setting in game I'm really not sure what else there is I can do at this point. Im beginning to think that it could possibly be the motherboard. That is pretty much the only thing that I could see it being at this point Your help is greatly appreciated, I am willing to Paypal or Moneyorder the cash to you. You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks!
  3. i was just wondering if any one had any tips for buliding a wood case... i was thinking about starting out with maybe making a case out of sheet metal then building the wood around it and putting in a window and stuff like that... what do you think the best way to go would be
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