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  1. I've been running Linux Mint on my laptop for a few years now and I love it. My wife also fell in love with Linux recently after trying my laptop out and had me install Mint on her machine. We've an "old" Windows desktop I built several years ago in our living room hooked up to our flat screen and use it as sort of an HTPC. (No cable or satellite subscription whatsoever). It's currently got two 1TB drives installed but both are now at about 75% capacity. I just purchased 4 more identical drives, (not SSD as I'm not keen on the price per GB + reliability just yet), and I want to configure RAID 10 and install Mint to replace Windows. The motherboard is a Z77 Extreme4. I've never setup a RAID array and have a few questions regarding which SATA ports to use as the manual is a bit confusing. Can I use all six drives in the array via the six left-most SATA ports (four black + two grey)?Am I stuck with using just the black ports or just the grey ports or can they be mixed/matched? Currently, I'm using the SATA3_A1-A2 ports and, if I'm reading the manual correctly, these two ports don't support RAID. If you have any experience with this board and RAID I'd love to read your thoughts and appreciate any help you can provide. Image of ports in question: https://imgur.com/B5VHrmE
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