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    i7 9700kf ram compatibility

    On the Motherboard compatibility ram is Cl17 G.Skill royal 4000Mhz at 4133Mhz with 1.4V tested 8G ram tested, but i have 16G and dual channel and i run them at 4133Mhz and was unstabile crahed in banchmarks and games windows update. A little ajustment in bios now works flawless, i lowered the clocks from 700 to 620 and increased the TFI from 15600 to 16500.
  2. iacobescuionut

    i7 9700kf ram compatibility

    I tested my memory in benchmark and got 124% performing way above expectation.
  3. iacobescuionut

    i7 9700kf ram compatibility

    Its not working with z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0. Is not compatible, works only at 3800Mhz but i bought Z390 Aorus ultra and now works perfectly at 4000Mhz with no issues but on the compatiblity for the motherboard rams they tested and worked at 4133. I trayed at 4133Mhz but windows 10 has issues with that i can't make netframework update on windows and i can't install nvidiad graphic driver lol so 4000Mhz is the best for windows 10.
  4. i7 9700kf can run the ddr4 G.Skill trident Z Royal Cl17 17 37 at 4000Mhz or beyond?
  5. iacobescuionut

    My ddr4 at 4000Mhz runs at 3600

    I manage to go up to 3800Mhz in dual channel Cl17 17 17 37. I prefer to keep them on this frequency then 4000 Cl18 19 19 39 single channel. I forgot before i bought the rams to check the compatibility lol. Thanks for the replay that was helpful.Is not working at 4000 but works at 3866. Needs manually to set up frequency and with out cpu oveclocking with 1 module of ram 8G only and after that to insert second module in dual channel and works.
  6. I bought G>Skill Trident Z Royal Silver ddr4 4000Mhz and i can'r run them at 4000 max i get 3600.......... On my motherboard when i use XMP is displaying 4000 but on real time memory frequency 3600..... My motherboard is Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 -OP. On the official site specs says can oc up to 4000.