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  1. Can I use my old CPU on a new motherboard ? Recently I have purchased new motherboard and i want to replace it from old motherboard but the design structure of new motherboard is different from old one. So is it possible to fit that motherboard in CPU ?
  2. I am really want to know the rules of the forums but I couldn't. I tried to find out but i didn't.
  3. I think that my motherboard get damaged. I 'm not sure about that. But i am really curious to know if its happen, what should i do? Can bad RAM damage motherboard, How do I know if my motherboard is faulty, What happens if motherboard is damaged in laptop? How can i solve this?
  4. Does anyone knows how to clean processor thermal-cooling assembly and fan?
  5. I have a Inspiron 1525, intel core 2, When i charged the laptop, I think it's overheating when i used it and plugging with charger too. I thought that i should first share my experience with you. My laptop gets shut down suddenly. Also it gives very slow output. I have already search everywhere on internet but I couldn't find a exact solution for my problem. How can i solve this.
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