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  1. Hello, Im new to OC'ing and need some info on Athlon Barton XP 2800+ DEFAULT settings as well as what is a safe overclocked target for this chip. Here is my setup: AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton (W/Coolermaster F/HS) @32C Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro mobo 2 each Corsair CMX512 XMS DDR400 RAM (dual channel) SATA Maxtor 120GB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro https://www.krogerfeedback.nl https://talktosonic.onl Current BIOS settings are: CPU 2192.5 MHz (reported by CPU-Z) 2x175MHz (350MHZ) T(RAS) 6 T(RCD) 3 T(RD)2 CAS Latency 2.0 VCORE Overvoltage (normal) DIMM Overvoltage (+0.1V) CPU Ratio (normal) CPU Voltage Control (normal) CPU Voltage 1.675V I'd really like to know what I can bump these settings up too safely. Im confident that there is sufficent cooling. Some tips and advise or suggested settings for this particular chip would be greatly appreciated!! thanks iosman
  2. Hello, I have a ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu but it doesn't seem to be cutting it. Originally someone told me that I hadn't applied the thermal grease properly so i dismounted everything and whipped it clean and reapplied a thinner chatroulette even amount and the temps are still 40-41C while idle at ome tv stock clockspeed and voltage. Anyways, what's the best HSF? I dont care for water cooling or any of that. thanks iosman
  3. Hello, My question is simple. Please disregard the impact high fsb has on ram(will use a divider) and tell me if a high fsb will damage my DFI NF4 mobo itself. Is it safe to be running 270fsb 24/7? thanks iosman ________________________ 0x00000f
  4. Hello, How fast can my barton 2600 go? My Sig shows what i have done so far. My temps are as folows: Running at stock speeds(1917Mhz/333FSB 400MhzRAM) with the stock AMD retail HSF CPU 49/60 Idle/load mobo 30/32 idle load With current config: CPU 57/63 idle/load mobo 31/33 idle load So my question is this. Has anyone else seen temps this high b4? And how much of a temp drop could I expect to see if I switched to a Volcano 7/9/11? oh yeah, I use MBM to get my temps. thanks iosman _______________________________________________ Dyson Cyclone V10 Review
  5. Hello, First I wanted to thank you guys for all the help and dealing with my stupid questions. I did a lot of reading and this is what I came up with. In testing I came with a isolated max htt/fsb of 280, 260 for the max chip and 240 for the memory, which is why I used the divider to get close to 260 (255) httx10. Bios 4-14-2 255x100 with a 9/10 divider running 2-2-2-2 (DDR 360) (yes, really). First question - how come no one runs these memory settings? Is it bad? I couldn't get a higher overclock even with 2.5-3-3-5 so I slowly lowered it and this works just as well. Temps - this is where i'm concerned MB runs 52 under load CPU is all over the place. Generally 40 under load but I've seen it jump to 49 for a second using everest. Perhaps just innacurate? Northbridge 50 Does everything look good? I'm stable so far at this speed and I'll do a prime tonight to double check. Any settings I should look at changing thanks iosman __________________________________________ https://tweakboxx-app.com https://tweakbox-app.net https://tweakboxx.net
  6. Hello, I modded my 3.3vRail a week ago and all went fine... at that stage I measured it as 3.84v under no load when nothing plugged into PSU... in Windows it was 3.71v, which it fine. Prior to the mod I had it at 3.63v unloaded, and 3.52v loaded... the drop may be onboard resistance or my PSU dropping under load, either way it's fine with me. Last night I tweaked a bit more... up to 3.91v unloaded. But now the board won't power up. I haven't cleared CMOS etc yet because I only finished it all late last night and had to go to bed, and now I'm at work... but I was hoping to get some info on the forum today before I go home so I have more knowledge on how to go bout solving the issue. To start with it would power up and one second later it would shut back down... I went to bed disappointed and then this morning realised my CPU Fan was unplugged. Plugged it in and the board stayed powered up, but didn't get into BIOS... jus looped the powerup sequence. So I unplug PSU from wall for a second and try again.. now it goes back to the shutting down after 1 second routine. What I want to know is... how does the board behave when the 3.3vRail is pushed too high? Does anyone know? Is what I'm seeing just the 3.3vRail overvoltage protection, or something else? thanks iosman ____________________________________________ 12v Air Compressor
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