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  1. 76mm x 13mm Flush bolt - High quality furniture flush bolts for flush mounting into door edge. Striking plate and fixing screws included. Available in polished Brass or satin chrome Signal Hill Lenborough Road, Gawcott, Buckingham, MK18 4BU Email: [email protected] Tel: 01280 822062 Fax: 01280 813024
  2. Peel Tec is a brand new product from CT1. Peel Tech is an aerosol paint remover, with a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of product on any given surface. Simply spray and in less than 10 minutes the paint will peel away. Peel tech is ideal for working with paint on wooden windows or furniture as per the demonstration video. For more information contact us: Signal Hill Lenborough Road, Gawcott, Buckingham, MK18 4BU @ https://www.questhardware.co.uk/news/new-product-peel-tec-from-ct1-26
  3. John Tie

    Osmo wood Oil Q&A

    Osmo is a brand of wood finish, offering natural oil and wax protection for both interior and exterior use, such as wooden floors, furniture, joinery, decking, doors, windows, fencing, garden buildings and garden furniture. read More: https://www.questhardware.co.uk/news/osmo-wood-oil-qa-14
  4. John Tie

    card reader locks

    Kindly have a look at here https://www.questhardware.co.uk/search?term=card+reader+locks .. You'll find the affordable card reader locks.