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  1. Which motherboard would you advice to overclock the I5-6400 [email protected] 2.7Ghz skylake? My actual hardware is: Asus EX B150M-V3 I5-6400 [email protected] 2.7Ghz HyperX ddr4 2133Mgz 8Gb Zotac GTX 1070 Amp Extreme Core Edition ZT-P107000Q-10P SEASONIC FOCUS 650W Gold HP X0J60AA Thanks to you all
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    Hello. I'm starting now. Many, many, many years ago I overclocked with rivatunner, I think. Was a easy process and the software even count the artefacts to help tuning mem and clock. Now I'm trying to catch the overclock train...Hope you guys can help. Thanks.
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