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  1. Thanks for these advice guys! I think I will concetrante my attention to make air flow better on my case. Probably I will sell my card in the next few months. Yes, this is my case. I have a picture here. https://i.imgur.com/juAkcrw.jpg About CPU cooler, I know it's not optmized, but i hate having a CPU cooler blocking memory slot, so thats the only way. There's 2 intake fans on front and the others are sucking air to outside. Back fan make a good job, head fan is almost useless (it couldn't move a paper lol). This case have only head air filter. Pretty cheap one, but still have cable management, SSD spot, frontal USB 3. I'm not planning to change it. But like you say, I can modify it. The first thing that I noticed since I bought it was what you wrote: front cover restricts too much air. I can take it away, but the case looks horrible, so sadly it's not a choice. My wife would hate me. I'm thinking on make a lot of little holes and buy a really good 120mm fan on the front (60CFM at least) because front cover costs something about 15% on my temps (I tested yesterday).
  2. Thanks for fast reply guys! Really appreciate it. Today I made some tests and with below setups I could manage to make it works without any trottle. The thing is: Temperature still above 80C. So looks like the problem maybe is high temp + high voltage. I will make more tests. But this is a very strange behaviour. Really hard to understed these modern chips lol -15mv 1035 Core Clock 1499 Memory Clock (i can reach 1600 easily, but I read a while ago that it's not recommended since timings changing and performance could be decrease) Idle temp is something between 36~40C. To reach 80~85C its taking something about 5 or 6 minutes. Case is not the best, but I have 2 90mm in the front with positive pressure, one behind and one above, both negative pressure. This is the case: https://29028l.ha.azioncdn.net/img/2017/11/produto/64251/gabinete-gamer-bluecase-mid-tower-bg-015.jpg And yes, thermal compound is relatively new (Artic Silver 5 ~ several months ago). About fans, well, long short history: its not original. The VGA model is Gigabyte G1 Gaming.( https://i.ytimg.com/vi/vGSWFutKARo/maxresdefault.jpg ). But a year ago something happens and boom, coolers stopped from work and same for PWM on the VGA board. So I bought a faulty r7 370 card for 5 bucks and i'm using these fans (Asus Strix https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUpbzghoZ9WQQCsy5Va1a5k8BMMnmyHH4ziKnELaqK9UtCOS9skK61nCYsoJ18Xa5LbH0o7OVR_ozw_IPNtKx9FFGCQEjp2g&usqp=CAE ), but keeping the original Windforce heat sink from Gigabyte G1 Gaming. I don't know if i could change the whole thing because if you look well, the Asus Strix heatsink doesnt cover memory and other things. A advice here would be nice too because I think it would be much much better if I could use cooler and heatsink from Asus Strix. Anyway, my temps was always something about 75C on Windforce and since this needed change it's reaching 80~84C with 100% fan speed using FanSpeed software. RadeonPRO by Japamd, right? This is what i've used when I buy it years ago and yes, it works to block clocks! It was mandatory to play FIFA without stutter! I will definitely will give I try, I completed forget about this sofware! Clockblock doesnt work very well, clocks are reduced depending on temps too. Answering the question, Gigabyte G1 Gaming R9 380 4GB BIOS version Like I said at the begining of this post, It's looks like Gigabyte made something really strange on this BIOS. High temp and High voltage = trottling. I will made more research too. Thanks guys!!!
  3. How to prevent Tonga chips to trottle at 80 degrees? After 75 degrees it starts and after 80 degrees it becames really agressive on trottle, going from 1100Mhz to less than 1000Mhz on Core Clock. It's very annoying. I'm using 50mv boost.
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