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    Need some help with stock crashing

    So I ran memtest for 3 passes and I had zero fails. Im not sure I attached my results properly. Let me know if you can see the memtest results in html. Since I had 0 errors on that test, what else could the failure be?
  2. Gaylacier

    Need some help with stock crashing

    I have tried the test multiple times, and all of them are the same results. Ive had lock ups, which lead into bluescreen and an error of Clock Watchdog Timeout. the most recent test had my max temps on hwmonitor at around 70-71 on cpu core1, the other cores tend to range around mid to high 60s. The core that gets into the 70s varies. But its only 1-2 cores at a time, maxing out at low 70s. If you have any other questions let me know. Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. Im so glad you saw my post. That is the same thread i found when I was wondering about overclocking and so I tried it and ran into my problems.
  3. So I just started exploring the idea of oc'ing and did a little research. The main guide I found gave some beginning steps to download hwmonitor and prime95. run them side by side and see what the default settings can do. my system crashed. i tried 3 times. first crash happend at about 2 minutes. 2nd and 3rd crash happened seconds after starting the test. what am i doing wrong, what can i change? this is my set up asus mb z97-A i7 4770k nvidia geforce gtx 1080 corsair ddr3 1600 (800MHz) if you need any other info, let me know. I want to understand why my build is crashing and if there is anything that i can do to help. thanks guys.