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  1. I've been trying to install Civ 4 for quite some time, and I cannot get the game to load. I always get a Failed to Render error as the game is loading. I followed the directions listed at the Civ 4 support page, but their methods did not help me at all. I was wondering if anyone else has been having the same difficulty.
  2. Side bar and on the icon where the file extension might usually be.
  3. Actually, all of the information is in the ID3 tags. I'm quite meticulous when it comes to my music, so all of the necessary information is there. But XP won't display it in the folder..
  4. I noticed on one of my machines with Windows XP that music files have the artis displayed with the icon, as well as the title of the song. I have another machine that only displays "MP3 (or any other audio media type)" and then the file size. Even in the details, such information as the artist, track number, and album name aren't being displayed. I was wondering if there is a way to return that functionality.
  5. Well, the 250 already has a plethora of files on it, which is why I'd prefer not to make it the primary OS drive.
  6. I recently had to get a replacement K8V SE Deluxe Board, and I was afraid this was going to happen with the replacement. I have two hard drives for my system, which is fairly common, but the smaller of the two hard drives is old and will not accept the newer 250 GB hard drive as a suitable slave. To fix this problem, I put the 250 GB hard drive on the RAID IDE channel, and it was working perfectly until I exchanged mobos. I changed the BIOS settings to read the RAID IDE drive through the Onboard IDE Controller, when I change to this setting, I get a POST message detecting the drive, but XP Home will not display the drive in the drive listings. I seem to be having a driver problem that is prohibiting me, but I lost the ASUS CD with all the necessary drivers to fix the problem. I downloaded the Promise controller, but XP says the two drivers are identical and also tells me that "The Device cannot start." for the WinXP Promise FastTrack 378 Controller I'm not sure what that particular error means.
  7. I can't quite figure this problem out but have seen it on another system. Last night, I restarted my computer and after logging in, the taskbar and desktop icons are failing to load. I'm not getting any type of errors. They just don't load. I noticed this problem on another computer that's had SP2 on it, and I managed to fix it by restoring the computer back to the time before installing SP2. The oddest part about my newest problem is that I've had SP2 on this current machine for the longest time and have had minimal problems. Any idea on what to do?
  8. I fixed the problem everyone. Turns out that XP requires the HDD to be on the primary IDE channel or else it won't install.
  9. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem before, but after Steam annoyed me with its constant cries of an out of date video driver, I decided to download the latest one to make Steam happy. Well, I did, and now I've noticed something odd with CS:Source. I was playing one of the Dust maps, and all of the boxes, cars, domes, and windows were black...not texture or anything on them. Anyone know what might've caused this?
  10. After completing my computer last night, I started trying to install the OS to get the rest of the machine running properly. I encountered a seriously problem when trying to install XP Home. Everything works perfectly as it asks to format the drive to NTFS and then copy the windows files onto the hard drive and create the WINDOWS folder. But once the setup finishes copying the files, it asks for a system reboot to finish the installation. Well, if I leave the CD in the PC, the same setup screen appears, and the setup loops itself by formatting and then copying the folder again. I take the disc out before the system reboots, and I get "A disk read error Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." So, I changed the boot order to boot from hard disk. Now, the computer just keeps restarting and restarting. It gets finishing checking the hardware through the POST screens, running an ASUS K8V SE board with AMD64 3000+. This problem has perplexed me. I had a drive that would've been strictly for the OS, but it was getting an NTLDR problem whenever it booted up. So I have to use my new HD, 250GB Hitachi.
  11. I don't have any hard drive to utilize the SATA and RAID capabilities of my motherboard, ASUS K8V SE Deluxe, but each time it boots up, it does this FastTrack BIOS initilization looking for RAID connections. It gets to be a nuisance with each boot, and I was wondering if there was a way to disable it or something just to get rid of it. After it finds no connections, it tells me that no BIOS was installed, which was a bit troubling..
  12. I most likely would try out ThunderBird, but this is not my computer. I mainly use it for the company in which I work, and I don't know if the true owner of the computer would like me eliminating Outlook. I suppose he wouldn't mind it if he saw the benefits to ThunderBird, but right now, I don't have the authority to replace a program he currently uses for emails and what not. Now, I use this computer nearly all of the time, but I still don't know how he would react since I am leaving the job soon with hopes of returning at a later point in the year.
  13. I did have some probms with outlook and reinstalled it about two weeks ago, that's when the initial problem started. First the address file was missing, and the only way to replace that seemed to be through reisntalling Outlook. It solved the initial problem, but then the server problems arose. So, I'm officially stumped about what to do.
  14. Well, I took a peak at that Hosts file you mentioned, and the only host it had was There was only one instance of it too, so now I'm officially stumped as to what to do. And to the previous poster, thank you for such an insightful post. If I had wanted an alternative to the problem I would've asked for one, but I want to <I>fix</I> the problem not change it. On a side note, this is a fairly dated system, not mine, but it's an AMD Duron 800mhz with about 384 of PC133 RAM in it. It's an awful computer and the owner needs to most likely get a new one that can handle more stress as this is an office computer used for tons of activities throughout the day. But he never listens to me =\
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