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  1. I got a kingston 1Gb RAM all new in the post, went to snap it in place and ZAP! Static ruined it and now it's useless! Therefore I have to use my previous RAM. Obviously, this wont do at all... so I wanna know if I can get any more kick out of this tiny bit of ram that i'm stuck with?! My computer spec. are: AMD64 3200+ Gigabyte Nforce3 250series motherboard ATI 9600XT 128Mb WinXP Pro Kingston 256Mb 400Mhz RAM Do your worst!
  2. Um, I noticed you were talking about 'folding' and 5.02 consoles... what is folding?
  3. That happens quite frequently to computers in my opinion. usually its down to how much memory you have. looking at your spec. it seems your memory is sufficient, but you could possibly try increasing your virtual memory or downloading one of many programs which clear your ram of tasks you are not using!
  4. Hey, if you are from Northern Ireland tell me, because I am in serious need of a par-tay! What's a par-tay? you might ask yourself... well i want people who want to game!!!!! If such beings exist, speak God dang you! Reply to this thread as fast as your FPS experienced fingers will allow!
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