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  1. I'm playing it now.  And I have to admit, aside from the huge trepidation from the massed negative reviews, it really isn't all that bad.  Or should I say, there's something compelling about it that makes me want to play it despite the bugs that crop up occasionally, or the weird design choices I don't agree with.

  2. I feel that the excessive loading screens hurt the game a lot. Even on an SSD, they're still annoying and are present almost everywhere.


    After coming from Assassins Creed Odyssey, I was surprised to see a loading screen when I entered a cave in Anthem. I hear the Frostbite engine is far from ideal for open world games. 


    I've heard the same things about the engine, and had exactly the same response going into the 1st cave in the tutorial mission.  I'd played during the beta and open beta demo weekends.  I think it's a diamond in the rough, but currently more rough than diamond.


    I'll be playing on the 22nd, for sure, but unless there's a LOT of fixes and changes, I think it'll die pretty quickly, since there's a lot of lacklustre things about what is fundamentally a pretty bog standard loot shooter with some pretty graphics.

  3. Anyone playing Anthem?


    Normally I eschew anything from EA, they have a terrible track record these days.  But I did play the demo and found "something" compelling about it.  Perhaps it's the faux Ironman feel of flying around and shooting.  It's definitely a rushed product though, there's a lot of bugs currently, and some UI issues, but the core gameplay loop is pretty fun.


    Anyone playing, I'd love to hear your opinions.

  4. Hey guys, I bang on about this because I'm used to it, but in Australia, we have various shops, generally run by asians, who sell computer parts at almost wholesale, due to buying their stock in bulk.  They're pretty much a pc parts warehouse.  They're basically a super cheap way to build your pc, as long as you know what you need to buy.


    Does Canada subscribe to this business model in any way?  Are there any shops in Calgary that are basically a warehouse full of pc parts that sell to the general public for minimal markup?


    I COULD use the likes of amazon, but hey, why spend a buck when you can save a buck?

  5. Hi guys,


    When I moved from Australia to Canada, I left behind all my audio gear, since the voltages are different, and I wasn't sure how the gear would fare, even with voltage regulators, since the phase is also different.


    I had a Cambridge Audio DacMagic+, a Talisman T-33H and some Alessandro MS-Pros.


    I'd love to get another source and headphone amp, but unlike Australia, where you've got the utterly stellar headphonics, I'm not sure where to source my gear here.  I'm in Alberta, and would love to know of any audio shops in Calgary, or a decent online store.


    Any help?

  6. Hi guys,


    been a member of overclockers.com.au (yeah, an Aussie version of OCC) for 13 years, but since I've moved to Canada I've decided to find a similarly like-minded group, so here I am!


    Live in Canmore, AB.  Used to be a heavy gamer and streamer, but I'm trying to give it up to be less of a procrastinator.


    Spent about a decade doing IT, from helpdesk to sysadmin, decided users are the worst so going to switch to something less "help the user" orientated when my work permit comes through.


    Ride motorbikes, can rebuild an engine, love to shoot, can't fucken snowboard yet (not enough snow for me to bother spending the cash to tool up to give it a go yet) and play bass when I'm bored.


    Hope to see you guys around.


    Fez out!


    edit: Am I missing something regarding user profiles?  Or is there a timer before I can adjust my avatar, sig, birthday, location, etc etc?

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