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  1. I have been looking for a good heatsink for a amd64 3500+ cpu.I wanted to find something that had these qualitys... 1.Lighter vs heavier 2.Great cooling capablities 3.Easy to install The Swiftech mcx64 seems to have all 3 of these qualitys.It weighs in at 440g,great cooling,and spring loaded assembly with tension limiter.HSF fits on stock bracket..Check out the review. http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/editors_choice.html
  2. Thanks for the advice Nemo.As far as the 4 in 3 module is concerned I meant the stamped cover on the module http://www.buddhasbarandgrill.com/content/view/440/26/1/11/ I plan on placing the 4 in 3 module with the 120 mm fan for air intake. It sounds like the (2) 80 mm fans will be a snap to install.I was thinking about fan placement,and if I installed the psu on the bottom I could install the (2) 80mm on the back of the case near the top.I would just leave the top blow hole as the original 80 mm fan untouched (maybe the 120 on top is going overboard) I might consider another 4 in 3 module for harddrive coolers. With this set up I have 120mm intake on the bottom of the front panel. I will also have the 120 exhaust on the back with the (2) 80mm fans on the back of the case near the top,and of course the 80 mm exhaust on top of the case itself. That circle side panal has to go YuK!.....What do you use for filters on the side intake where the crossflow fan is mounted? Do you use some type of a filter on the bottom of the case?
  3. I was going to buy a Lian-li pc 75 for my first case,and build.I love this case,but hate the fact of 2 80mm fans for the front intake.Sure,I could mod it to a 120,but what a pain in the butt.Lian-li has to many smaller fans on the case itself for my taste.So,I decided on a Coolermaster Stacker. I contacted Voyeurmods on buying the cm stacker from there company with a few mods.Here is the e-mail I received today. Blow Hole 12cm $15.00 Lower Fan Cut Out $15.00 Custom Side Window $35.00 Installed Custom Stacker Etch $15.00 I plan on cutting out all the fan restrictions for added fans myself.I will let Voyeurmods cut out a 12cm blow hole over the exsisting 92mm blow hole on top of the case. I think the window stock side panel cm sells for 30 bucks is ugly.It shows part of the hhd cages,and I guess that turns me off.For 35 dollars Voyeurmods will make a custom window to my specs, showing the best inside parts I bought a dremel ,and will do future mods,like cutting windows,blowholes ect..myself,but I don't want to screw up my first build. Here ar my CM Stacker modded specs I will use the 4 in 3 module that comes with the stacker,and remove the stamped grill,and have the 120mm fan (free of restrictions for front air intake) I can always get a hard drive cooler for hardrives,and install them in a separte bay. The 120 mm is standard on the back of the case.I will cut out (2) 80mm fan restrictions on the back and add 2 more fans. I will have Voyeurmods cut over the top 92mm blowhole,and put a 120 mm hole in it's place. Will buy a crossflow fan for motherboard How does that cooling set-up sound? I was not going to add anymore fans for the side intake.I think the cooling mods I plan on should be enough.I would also like to add a gt 6600 or a 6800 video card on this set-up.Will that be enough cooling?
  4. I live in Ohio ,so all 3 of those stores are in my backyard.I will check it out.Thanks. What holesaw bit = 120,92,and 80mm in inches?
  5. I am buying a Lian-li case and need some tools.I bought a dremel, But I also need a hole saw kit.I found some kits online,but there not cheap.Lian -Li's are aluminum,so it's not like I need the strongest round bits to make some blow holes. Does anyone know where I could get a kit for a good price? (Arbor,pilot bit ect..)
  6. I think between PDP,OCZ Plat Rev2 or VX RAM will narrow my choice down.I have no experience in overclocking,but I will definitley learn. lI was also checking out this deal for a mobo combo http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...=80701-2-241143
  7. Thanks for the advice.I think the 3200+ is a good fit for my purposes.I just ordered a Coolermaster Stacker,so I have plenty of room,and cooling options.I am interested in what you guys think about these ram options.I really have not decided on what ram to get. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-145-450&depa=1 http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-220-033&depa=1
  8. I am getting an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or 3500+ cpu.I know the Winchester cores are noted for better overclocking and run cooler,so maybe a Newcastle core would not be my best choice.I have read alot of reviews on motherboards for the amd chips,and MSI K8N NEO2 PLATINUM seems to be the board I like the best.My question is,should I get this board or one of the new MSI boards that are being released.
  9. Thanks for all the information I feel much more confident on this part of my build.
  10. I am attempting my first build.I have some technical experience,but mostly configuring software.I want to buy a retail cpu,and of course it will come will the standard hsf and a thermal pad.I would rather use as5 and a after market hsf,and do the job myself.I was going to have are local pc shop (EMC Computers) put in the chip,and hsf until they suggested I should just go with the retail hsf.I also asked them about lapping and cleaning.First,they don't lap,and second they clean the heatsink with rubbing alcohol.I found this very unsettling becuase rubbing alcohol is only 70% pure and will leave a residue.Bottom line,I will do it myself. In my quest for more knowlege list your board,hsf,and chip,and your experiences,good or bad installing the chip..
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    Hi everbody.I just joined this forum about 4 days ago.I am signed up to multiple pc forums,but OCC rocks.On alot of forums people get pissed off when you bring up the amd vs intel war,but this forum invites people to talk about there opinons..The members here are very helpful,which is really cool.I also like the idea of sub forums.It definitley makes surfing a pleasure.
  12. I have been hearing alot of bad things about IE,so I'm getting rid of that browser,and moving to firefox.As long as I don't open IE, will I be ok,as far as sercurity problems?I don't use outlook express either.Outlook Express should be called " look in pc express" because that program gets hacked badly... I Do like Yahoo for e-mail...
  13. I finally got this to work!! All I had to do was cut and paste into word,then go to the edit menu in word,and click "select all",and then change the font,and all the words appear.I did this earlier,but I was only highlighting part of the text,and it wouldn't work. Thank You.....
  14. I had no trouble pasting text into Notepad.
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