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  1. Hello I am using this: https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/freezer-33-plus.html Most of the time the fans aren't doing anything and the cooler acts as a passive cooler. But I think I haven't been clear in my first post: - I am NOT pursuring an all-core overclock. To the contrary. I am interested in others experiences with increasing the frequency on 1 or 2 cores only - as this is the best fit for my current games. (Battlefield V and racing-simulators). And I have found out that my motherboard supports individual frequencies for individual cores.
  2. Hello I have recently bought this CPU and honestly I use it primarily for games that do not leverage multiple cores. (BF-V and racing simulators). Whenever I read about overclocking, it seems that the target is to overclock the overall frequency at which all cores are active. Is there a way to overclock while maintaining the normal profile of frequency dropping as more cores are activated? I have more interest in e.g. 5,5 Ghz single or dual-core performance than anything beyond standard on more cores. Thanks, Claus
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