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  1. fluffles

    Old Cartoons...

    Hong-Kong fooey (think thats how its spelt) roadrunner countless others.
  2. haha, i actually belived it until the 5 psu's and the loss of small pets thing
  3. fluffles

    Ctu Uses Alienware!

    imagine them phoning dell customer support in the middle of some national crisis!
  4. fluffles

    Google's Customizable Front Page

    i think i'll use it. if just to have something different to look at
  5. fluffles

    Opinions On Gaming System

    i couldent agree more, you practically just put down my shopping list
  6. fluffles

    West Side!

    i think i'll forget the Michael Jackson bit but welcome to OCC anyways! :thumbs-up:
  7. fluffles

    Help Please, Building New Computer

    although i'm an ati fanboy, i still say that the 6600gt is the best card out there for the money :thumbs-up:
  8. fluffles

    Next Gen War

    i'm not sure i'ts possible to go wrong with 3 cells
  9. fluffles

    X800xt Plat Vs 6800 Ultra

    actually the x800xl has a different core making it almost as fast as an x800xt on most games. on far cry it performs better than an x850xt!
  10. fluffles

    Whats The Best Ati Brand Card?

    HIS are supposed to be reliable, cards look sweet too as for R520, i was wondering the same thing.
  11. fluffles

    Free Stylin' Camouflage...

    when i first saw it i thought is was more jet fighter style thing than a battleship, u could try adding wings! thats just me though.
  12. fluffles

    Favorite Video Card Brand

    HIS but its not there...
  13. fluffles

    Lcd Response Time

    generally i find <16ms is fine for gaming
  14. it depends how dusty the room wit hur comp is, my freind has to clean about a cm of dust off his heatsinks every few weeks!
  15. fluffles

    Preaching To The Choir...

    hmmm.. better than firefox.... :googles opera:
  16. I need recommendations on a sub- $600 19" LCD - does anyone know a good company/precise model to go for? thanks
  17. fluffles

    Looking For A 19" Lcd

    4ms!! i'm getting one. i had looked at LG but this is amazingly good value. thanks Nerm :thumbs-up:
  18. fluffles

    Which Lcd Monitor Is Best?

    don't you mean x-black? :EDIT: at the moment sony x-blacks own the mobile scene
  19. fluffles

    Wooden Case

    actually i'm british and everyone I know says earthing...
  20. fluffles

    Whats The R520 About

    X900 maybe? X1000 ??
  21. fluffles

    Finished 120mm Blowhole

    i'd put a grill on that, too many people are going around with 120mm- induced scars on their fingers lol! good work tho, planning something the same :thumbs-up:
  22. fluffles

    X850xt Extreme Air Cooling

    even if it doesent perform, i'd still give you credit for just managing to fit so many fans on a card!
  23. my old dell seemed to be the equivilent of a bug-bait as well, but i think they hate uv or something cos i have yet to find one in my main rig :thumbs-up:
  24. fluffles

    Burn Ins

    stupid question here, what exactly do burn ins do, other than test that your hardware works properly? thanks
  25. fluffles

    Xbox 2 Specs

    how does an xbox compare to a decent pc in performance anyways? or are they just too different to each other..