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  1. Just to be clear its VRMark where it happens and only with CSAA. I have not been able to spot any other problems at all after playing a bit of actual VR gaming and running 3dmark stress tests, OCCT, gpu mem tests, etc. I guess it probably is a driver thing then. I won't downgrade because it only affects this benchmark, i was just afraid i messed up the card somehow.
  2. I just bought a (slightly used) GTX 1080TI, more specifically Gigabyte Auros 1080TI extreme. I have been playing a bit with it and everything was fine. I tried a bit of OC. Once i found something stable (as in Furmark stable) i went to re-run some benchmarks. I noticed that VRMark Cyan Room showed some weird artifacts. Half of the top part of the screen has some purple lines (see attached screenshot). I tried reverting my OC, but it persisted. So i underclocked, and it still persisted. If i use another AA than CSAA it goes away, but other VR mark tests with CSAA run fine, and i cannot see any problems in any 3d mark benchmark or in Furmark. I am trying to understand if this is a software or hardware issue, any ideas are appreciated.
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