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  1. Both mobos are very similar and I think it really depends on what else you're planning on adding to your machine. Be sure to check which memory is supported and in what quantities. I made this mistake when first building my machine and when I tried to upgrade the RAM, it took me a while to figure out why the machine wouldn't boot. Apparently I needed different RAM to max it out at 64GB and adding another 32GB wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. It seems like the Pro board supports less manufacturers of RAM than the Deluxe board. One thing I like about the pro board is that there is a large space underneath the first PCIE slot. Now, a newer graphics card, especially something like a 1080ti, will take up plenty of space, about 3 rows, and on the Deluxe board, that will cover the second and third pcie slots. On the Pro board, might only cover the third slot. I believe some of the higher-end quadro cards don't cover the third slot, so if you're going that route, you might be in luck. Useful tips for movie streaming app. I think at this point, you just need to figure out what is important to your build in terms of ports provided and wifi. I don't think the Pro board has built-in wifi but the Deluxe does. Either way, would love to know how your final build turns out. Really like the i9 chips and would love to see how yours ends up.