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    i5 6600k and Dark Rock 3 OC

    Now just waiting to new paste (Cooler MasterGel Maker Nano) arrive.. then will do OC on 4.8 with 1.385v and hope to get stabile config..
  2. SgtYoda

    i5 6600k and Dark Rock 3 OC

    Must check bust I think I am stable on 4.5 and 1.320v.. and 70
  3. SgtYoda

    i5 6600k and Dark Rock 3 OC

    Thanks!! So basic.. my i5 6600k is OC on 4.5 and tower is ok, have two 140mm fans in front and one on back. And soon there will be two on top (120mm) On aida stress test I have top 70
  4. Hi there!! So have this configuration: i5 6600K on Z170 motherboard GTX 1060 6gb SSD M2 250gb Dark Rock 3 cooler So want to OC i5 on 4.8 and just want to know if I get high temperature will it help to mount another fan on Dark Rock 3. I have one 135mm on one side.. Idea is to put 120mm on other side so there would be push-pull. Will I get better cooling? Thanks!!