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  1. Sorry to be blunt, but Logitech Gaming Software is utter garbage. I've exclusively owned Logitech input devices for the last 12 years or longer, but I'm at my wit's end. Every day, the software freezes or becomes unresponsive and needs to be restarted. The software fails to detect games by major publishers like Blizzard, requiring me to add new game profile shortcuts every single time a patch is released (every week, usually). It occasionally fails to detect devices entirely, requiring me to reinstall. Every new LGS update, new bugs are added. The software has felt like a clunky piece of garbage for months, and looking around on the net I'm hardly the only person having these issues.Subway Surfers I work IT support as my career--this isn't an issue with my PC or my setup, this is a problem with the software. I'm not sure what's going on with Logitech's development teams, but they really need to get their act together. It's sad to see a company make Hill Climb Racing such nice hardware only to have it crippled by awful software.Psiphon
  2. So... I really need someones help RN. I have a prebuilt ASUS CG8250 Essentio PC from 2013. I can look out the specs if needed but basically the computer won't boot past the ASUS logo screen and I hear something clicking/ turning off when the ASUS loading screen disappears and it's followed by a grey screen. The CPU fan speeds up to a high speed and GPU+PSU fans are still on but something in the PC has turned off. The clicking sound is the same when the PC is shut down. I don't know if it is something to do with the motherboard or if it is the harddrive shutting off. Hill Climb Racing This started when I was playing Sims 4 and watching netflix at the same time and my PC just froze and booted staying on a grey screen with CPU fans on full speed. This happened a couple times more when on normal use during the next few days but then I couldn't just boot anymore. First I thought I had fried my CPU or GPU but that doesn't seeeeem to be the case.Psiphon Sometimes when I try to boot it tries to "repair" windows but I always get a "Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC" message. And then when I go on the repair menu and try to for example reinstall windows or wipe files, the process always gets stuck on the part where it is again preparing windows for use and starts to restart the PC multiple times.Subway Surfers Also, I am able to boot in safe mode. There I get this weird error: here I have tried everything, including cleaning the inside off dust and replugging the RAM, but nothing seems to work. I don't know if it is in the hardware of software but I REALLY need someones help.
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