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  1. Im having trouble with my Creative 3D Blaster Banshee card, when i bootup it gets recognized, but in windows it gets recognized as a Standard PCI Graphics VGA blah blah Card. If I let windows search for drivers for this standard garbage i can only have 16 colours at 640x480 resolution. I have the cd for my card but it says the card is not there. Ive also downloaded the drivers from creative.com with those ive gotten the 32bit colour with the max 1900x12?? resolution but when i reboot for system settings to change, i get a message saying my display adapter isnt configured properly, this happens with most of the drivers ive tryed. Ive also done a cleensweep of my driver files and screwed with my cmos a bit but like i said it shows up on my bootup screen so i think the cmos part is good.Still no results. The best ive gotten so far is with the 3DFX Banshee drivers, i get 32 bit colour with a 640x480 resolution, i can switch to 800x600 but at only 16 colours but it asks me to reboot and then it doesnt work. Any tips or suggestions will help......Im positive i have the Creative 3D Blaster Banshee Card Model No. CT6760......thanks
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