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  1. Hi there, body! Maybe it would be better if you'll try a few variations of solving this ghosting issue. So, you can choose simple settings from via my GPU's control panel or even downloading the profiles from Samsung directly. But I think, a better option for you will be, calling some local TV service directly. I just curious, why you purchase this model - Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch ... Currently, so many issues with Samsung's screens. Did you know, exactly at the same time when your Samsung CFG70 was represented in the field of marketing, a technology company Philips announced Philips Hue Entertainment: https://www.smarthomegeeks.co.uk/news/philips-hue-announces-3-big-things/ To be honest, this is the real thing! Which can make your entertainment time much easier, instead of spending so much time for "ghosting issue"!!! Really, dude, you need to change it at all.
  2. Hi there, so I can recommend you really nice graphics card. Have you ever heard about the brand name like a "ZOTAC"? This brand made really nice stuff which you able to purchase for at a minimum fee. So, based on your needs you find nice one item for you, this one: https://www.amazon.com/ZOTAC-GeForce-Express-Graphics-ZT-71115-20L/dp/B00R5UW038/ref=lp_284822_1_23/135-8565419-4487541?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1532332654&sr=8-23 For graphics cards this small price to pay for such useful stuff. For you, if you want to get a card for just streaming videos, this one - Edition 4 GB would be great. At least, It's gonna be cost - $103.64 So, without any doubts - ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition 4GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 (x8 lanes) Graphics Card (ZT-71115-20L)
  3. Drake123

    Xbox One

    Did you know that all aspects and features that would normally be available on an Xbox 360 or Xbox are available on the Xbox One? Moreover, all new features of the Xbox One work, including record and share video of gameplay and even - the ability to take screen grabs! So, this options could be extremely useful to anyone!
  4. Drake123

    Far Cry 5

    Yes, I played in this game on PS 4. I want to describe some of my emotions. First, far cry 5 has a lot of cinematography scenes. Some of them are so crazy)) Who played other far cry games must understand me. The plot of the game has a lot of different missions. Now you need to find them yourself. For me, the best part of the game was fishing. I spend a lot of time for this process)) Without this, you need to hunt, find refuge of survivors, destroy sectarian property, let out civilians, seize outposts and much more. Ubisoft makes great characters of the main villains (Joseph and his 4 "horseman of the apocalypse"). The main gameplay didn't change compared with older far cry games, but the main idea not very good - it's a war of one person with no reason for war. For me, it's a very good game.
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