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  1. I picked up a fat ps3 last night and im ecstatic to have it, but its SOOOOO slow and I haven't had a ps3 in a while to remember if thats just the console or if there may be an issue with the older hardware. How reliable are they? Should I look into returning it and keeping my eye out for a slim or super slim?[/font] Edit 1: Not at home right now to check but looks to be a CECHKxx. Edit 2: So I returned the 80GB and got a 500GB Super slim, This thing is disgusting, the tray doesnt close all of the way and the women forgot to give me the charging cable so im stuck using a ps4 controller for right now. Called the store and got put on a waiting list for a Slim model to replace this one. So far....Not worth 139.99
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