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  1. Hello My 4-5 year old PS3 slim is having bad stuttering/lagging/freezing problems when trying to play games. It's really annoying when I'm trying to play NCAA football (RIP) and the Uncharted games. I looked up this problem and it seems fairly common, especially with the slim models. I replaced the hard drive today with a 500gb hard drive that used to be in my PS4 thinking maybe hard drive failure was the issue. That didn't do anything and I still have the issues. I've also tried all of the repair database options that have been mentioned and those didn't bring any success either. I've also tried vacuuming out the dust and the fan test as last resorts, but no improvement has been shown. The only options I think I have left are completely disassembling the PS3 and cleaning the dust or buying a new one. Are there any other options out there that I may have overlooked? UC Browser SHAREit MX Player
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