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  1. If you have nothing nice to say why say anything at all? The automotive thread just seemed to me more appropriate. Thanks cchalogamer
  2. We are asking $3,000 cash for our "DOOM BUGGY" More info: http://sitekreator.com/crazym0dz/our_colle...d_homemade.html Anyone Intrested?
  3. Here is my sweet new ride. Not everyday you see a 16 year old in a 64 Lincoln Continental. Here are some more pictures. www.sitekreator.com/crazym0dz Its loaded with a 430. 320BHP and 545 ft/lbs of torque. Itll hit 120+ (Speedometer bouncing off the 120mph limit). I just tested the transmission for accuracy. Suicide doors. Hydraulic Convertible top. Red Interior. Vacuum locks. All stock just the way it should be. Automatic Headlight dimmers. AM-FM Radio. Analog Clock. Cruise control. One finger powersteering. (Car weights 6600lbs with full gas tank and 6 passengers). And red fuzzy dice. Alright tell me what you would pay. (Be Serious No Joking Around)
  4. Well its official I bought the Lincoln. Here it is. Its a 64. Its got a 430.......nothing big....jk here are some more pictures of the boat B:) www.sitekreator.com/crazym0dz
  5. I have only one. And im not stupid enough not to defrag every couple weeks and not to have anti-virus/spyware.
  6. My computer shows the flashlight in the middle of the window when I load "My Computer" and it takes a few minutes before any forders show up like "My Documents" and stuff. What can I do to fix that?
  7. Here are a couple of my rides. No joke I built the buggy and I get to drive any of the cars cuz I am the leader of the group. Im the guy next to the DOOM BUGGY. Check it out @www.sitkreator.com/crazym0dz
  8. Im looking for an SR20DET full with tranny, wiring harness, turbo. If you have any information of ones for sale please email me @ [email protected] And visit www.sitekreator.com/crazym0dz to see what the motor is going into.
  9. Does anyone know where I could get datsun 510 parts used and new?
  10. yes Davis, California (20 min away from sacramento)
  11. www.sitekreator.com/crazym0dz This is a website made based on the cars being built in my auto shop. I built and helped build the doom buggy, lincoln continental, datsun 510, and fixed the dragster. Please leave your feedback. And if you know of anyone intrested in sponsoring us please give email or call me. www.sitekreator.com/crazym0dz [email protected] 530-400-1934
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