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  1. Hello OCC members! I'm not sure which monitor to choose to play at pokerstars. I play at 10 tables simultaneously and I'm tired of constantly moving through windows to see what's going on at each table. (still playing on Full-HD laptop). My idea was to have a monitor (or several) that would have room for all the windows open in the standard resolution (I do not like to see the text too small). Anyone who has ever applied such a solution? My PC has a VGA and an HDMI (video out ports). I'm living in Portugal so, I just want to buy in Portuguese stores. So far I've seen this site that seems to add some stores, but I do not know if in a 4K the content will be too small (I want to stay + - 60cm appart from the monitor)! At the same time I would like to have a solution with reasonable price / quality. Maximum budget of 300