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  1. What are you guys talking about! I'm not new to this forum. I have done business with: almondboy72 Llamajizz Crash Chingon And a coulpe of other members I can't think of at this time.
  2. uuh....okay Does anyone else have a Ti4200 or Ti4600 128mb 4x agp? They want to trade for a brand new 2600+ that has a 333 fsb.
  3. I've seen mobo's that uses the socket a or xp processors for around $80 to $100. Or you can shop around and find a used mobo for aound $30 to $65. I almost bought a Abit NF7s v2 for $45 last month, but decided to wait. Here is a link: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ffiliate=nextag
  4. No thanks. I'm looking for one that is in working condition with no problems. Thanks for the offer How long has it been used for? Are you sure it's in good working condition and the video card is in good condition? YGPM
  5. Yeah, Its a Abit VP6. I figured it out. The cable for the FDC1 uses 34 wires
  6. Okay all the cables I have for my floppy doesn't fit into my VP6 mobo. The connector on the mobo says FDC1. What floppy cable do I use for FDC1? I tryin to find the name of the cable that will connect to the FDC1 and will allow me to use my floppy drive.
  7. I'm sorry. Everything is pending to Crash
  8. I might be interested. Hows the condition of it. Is it a 4x or 8x.
  9. Okay guys thanks for all the comments and offers. I found a couple of them. Before I forget BiPolar thanks for your offer but I found some that are 128mb. Maybe next time
  10. No thanks. I'm just looking for a Ti4200. Is for my bro.
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