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  1. Yeah, I do have an 80 pin cable hooked up, but number one it says secondary channel, and number two I can't really change anything in BIOS because of the problem I mentioned above... when the computer restarts after a change in BIOS, the screen stays black. I'm going to try hooking up the monitor to the mobo video out, just to check that my vid card is not the problem, but if the vid card was the problem, wouldn't there consistently be no video? As it is, this problem only crops up every second time I start up the PC. 1. I clear CMOS 2. The computer starts, but includes errors mentioned in first post 3. I either change things in BIOS, or turn off the computer manually 4. The computer turns on, but with no video 5. The no video problem continues until CMOS is cleared again Hope that helps... I'm thinking something is definitely wrong with the mobo.
  2. Yup, jumpers are correct. I'll test the ram, thanks for the reply. BTW, the rig in question is the rig in my sig.
  3. Well, I was about to start a reformat yesterday but I decided to put in a new HDD that I had recently purchased. After installing the hard drive, I booted up the computer to find that I got an odd error during post, "Secondary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed". I noticed that instead of seeing the processor as Athlon XP 3000+ like it usually did, it said Athlon XP 1050 MHz (which is wayyy off anyways), and it was taking a very very long time to detect the IDE devices. I thought that was odd, since it was the same cable and I didn't change a thing on the secondary channel, but I unplugged and replugged everything in anyways, and tried again. No change, so this time I tried a different cable. No change. I decided to unplug that cable entirely, and to see what happened if only the hard drives were plugged in. I cleared the CMOS and tried all the above again, with no change, however this time I noticed that the computer would only post when the CMOS had just been cleared, meaning that wether it be from me changing settings in the BIOS and restarting or just turning it off and back on manually, the screen would stay black, like the monitor was not getting any signal whatsoever. It always works the first time, but any second time the computer is on this happens! Another odd thing, when the thing finally gets past detecting the IDE devices, it comes up with an error, CMOS bad checksum, using defaults. Right now I am just a little frustrated, and not really thinking clearly, so any help whatsoever would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
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    webmd is a good site for medical advice.
  5. Is that correct? I'm not trying to annoy anyone, I'm just checking .
  6. Jesus was actually a squirrel.
  7. I thought the books all increased in quality until the 6th, I have much enjoyed the extra length and the first three books seem sort of... empty to me now. The sixth book made me mad though, #1 it was shorter and #2 it just sucked.
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    Aloha Peeps!

    Welcome to your new home!
  9. Looking good hardnrg... keep up the good work! I can't wait until this thing is done.
  10. Hmmm, I don't think they're gonna catch me . I didn't do anything, I can't get charged with anything. That may have been different if I had posted links directly to the site, with the intent of crashing the server, but I didn't.
  11. And the odd thing is, the server got totally pounded this weekend because it got Slashdotted, and Digged (Dug?), and its on Torrentspy too. The server suffered from the publicity more than Mike could ever have done . The computers were going nuts today, they constantly rebooted and teachers could not access the internet or the network at all. I guess someone hacked into the student folders and put all kinds of files in the Freshman student folders, and the teachers and adminstration are getting a ton of spam. Oh, and the Stark County Prosecutor's website went down too . EDIT: Yeah Tbone, it went down again.
  12. Mike Stone created a webpage that linked to the school's main page, and told people to hit F5 a lot until the server crashed. The server didn't even end up crashing, it just slowed down. So has anyone heard about this? Its pretty rediculous... and its my school too, how embarrassing. Everyone is in an uproar about it, its just plain stupid. Slashdot Digg
  13. Ahh, I see, I apologize for the confusion. I thought you just meant the plain Dragon, and not the Dragon Server Tower. Thanks for clearing that up . I may indeed go with that Dragon Server. What about the CM Stacker? Has anyone heard anything about that case? Haha, maybe not quite that large bigred .
  14. hardnrg, do you know if that case is available in the US? I can't seem to find anyplace that has it... perhaps it has not made its way here yet.
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