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  1. I really wish I had a heat sink to compare this one with but it works great, SilenX makes it. Its their EFZ-120HA4 Extreme Universal Heat sink. Ive managed to be OCCT stable with 1.472 Vcore on my Phenom ll 925 @3.826GHz. The only thing I did not like was the way the fans were held on. They used little rubber post to hold them on and an 120mm fan is just a tad to tall and the bottom 2 end up falling off of both fans. Here is a screen shot of the OCCT run and you can see the max temp was 48°c after over 16 hours. It's $39.99 at Compusa.com if anyone is looking for a cheap cooler that works.
  2. ok here is the screen shot of it stable after over 16 hours with the setting suggested last night, now to start tweaking it.
  3. OK I may still send them an email with the pic in it with all the other system specs to see what they say. I think I may call first
  4. OK I was looking at the specs on the cpu it says that the Hyper Transport is 4000MHz, my best guess is its like memory and that is cut in half so do I need to keep it around 2000 or just close to it? Edit looking at the CPUZ screen shots I have it was running at 2733 but I lowered the multi to 8 and i "think" its around 2100 now
  5. no it was stable I was just going to try to up the core clock some more to see if i could get more from it. Also any ideas on the ht link speed settings?
  6. ok well I guess I'm going to try and get ahold of Kingston support because I have 2 different ones and one passes and one dosent so yeah, this should be fun. altho I wonder if it has to do with the chipset on the motherboard because the other one is in my laptop with an intel chipset.
  7. well last night when I got home I tried to up the voltage just a hair and it wont post at all if I move it up more............... I also have a setting for K8<->HT link speed and one for width also should I be concerned with those? both are currently on auto. and its under the chipset menu settings.
  8. Hey lVlythos did you ever run it on yours to see if it passed?
  9. so far 6 hours in and stable, I may try putting it at 9 when I get home later this afternoon and see what it does so far max temp is 48c.
  10. OK I have the "CPU-NB Multiplier set to 8x and I'm going to run OCCT for the night while I sleep would I be better doing CPU:OCCT or CPU:LINPACK?
  11. Ok just got home and it is Auto, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, auto currently has it at 10
  12. if i remember correctly its, 5 thru 10 and auto. I can check when I get off work to make sure
  13. I can lower it to 533 but that didnt make a difference. is there a voltage that looks off to you guys?
  14. opps edited it so everyone know its not a Pentium 2 lol
  15. not sure what else to try but here is a screen shot of what ive got so far
  16. they put that in because of money issues from my understanding, as in lost one of there major sponsors. I know it sucks having to sit out but its a great game.
  17. That looks awesome can't wait till I have the time and money to do something like that, keep up the great work!! I'm already looking forward to version 2 lol
  18. I think he would be just fine with one of the sets here.
  19. I've been playing TM since the original and have loved it every since. It is about skill and learning the laps as you play. I know there are a few servers that are for beginners but most of them are for people who have played for a while and learned the maps. If anyone wants to add me to your friends list you can my log in is aeonwormy. I'm usually on in the mornings for a little while, and if you happen to have a 360 game pad it makes a world of difference.
  20. you can get the at walmart if you have one close by aswell
  21. are you talking about the part Ive pointed to? if so that should be fine to clip off.
  22. liked and Ive been keeping up with the word press stuff for a little while now pretty cool show you have.
  23. wormy

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    updated, Come on guys i know you can run this and get great scores.
  24. wormy

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    updated now if we can only get more people to take part.
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