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  1. this is the guide I used to OC my Phenom ii Dolk's Guide
  2. ill take a copy if ya got some you don't need. Edit: forgot to add the quote
  3. as long as im reminded about dead lines i could do it, count me in.
  4. wormy

    Racing games [PC]

    its good just takes time to get used to. you drift more than anything. to me it was worth it
  5. wormy

    Racing games [PC]

    anyone who playes TM of any sort can add me, aeonwormy on TMUF, wormy987321 on TM Canyon
  6. am I the only one to notice the typo, not really being picky but it stuck out to me lol
  7. I've been using this for about 2 weeks and its working pretty good. I'm down to about a pack every 3 days now. Edit: forgot the link
  8. If I won it would go in my current rig to replace the ageing Antec True Power trio 650, M3N78 PRO, Phenom 2 [email protected], Sapphire 5850 Toxic, Cooler Master CM690
  9. I'm going to take a guess and say that CPU-z is reading the processor wrong. In the CPU-z screen shots it shows it as an FX 8130P.
  10. Congrats Ive been married almost a year now and wouldnt change a thing about it. Good luck and have a great horny moon, I mean honey moon
  11. im sure it helped that I have an ssd and only 200gb of storage but it scanned in under 30 sec and did a good job. nice find btw
  12. what all is starting with windows? also is this a new install?
  13. what kind of questions do you have? Ive had my CDL since 2002.
  14. not sure what it is but my bill says Total KWH 1803, Days 34, AVG KWH per Day 53, AVG Cost Per Day $5.18 Can anyone figure it out from that, is it close to 9 cent?
  15. I like what you both have done, now I just need to get my lazy tail up and do something to mine.....
  16. I love the new line of cases, the white ones are sexy!! I would love to have a bigger SSD but that's beside the point lol
  17. I would like a copy of Dirt3 if you don't mind , and that is going to be one nice rig when finished!
  18. yeah any prize is nice to win!<img src="http://forums.overclockersclub.com/public/style_emoticons/default/cheers.gif" alt="" class="bbc_emoticon">
  19. I vote PSU because I just had to replace the fan in my ageing antec lol
  20. wormy

    fresh meat

    Welcome to the Club, and I've learned the only dumb question is one you don't ask!
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